Laura Bourland
Happy couple after buying new house
The Complete Energy-Efficient Home Buying Guide
There are so many things to consider when buying a home and it can quickly become overwhelming. You might...
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A red cabin by a lake
Smart Home Solutions for Your Vacation Home, Cottage, or Cabin
Your vacation home, cottage, or cabin is a special place where you can truly relax and enjoy nature’s beauty....
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The History of Thermostats and Their Evolution to Smart
The History of Thermostats and Their Evolution to Smart
Smart thermostats have quickly become commonplace in our homes, but how did we get here? Have you ever been...
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Why Canadian Cities are Getting Smart About Going Green
Learn about how and why Canadian cities are going green through environmental efforts by using education, science, law and...
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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations: Everything You Need to Know
It’s no secret among realtors that an updated, attractive, and efficient kitchen or bathroom will sell a whole house....
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7 Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life
As population growth soars to an all-time high, it’s become more important than ever for each and every one...
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How to Stay Warmer at Home Without Increasing Your Power Bill
Learn valuable tips about heating your home while also reducing energy costs.
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Convert Your House Into a Smart Home with Google
There’s no argument that life can be busy. So, a technological solution that makes our lives easier is something...
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Why You Need a GFCI for Your In-Floor Heating System
In-floor (radiant floor) heating is an excellent option to comfortably and sustainably keep your home warm. If you’re not...
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Is a Smart Thermostat Worth It?
From thermostats to kitchen appliances, home systems are getting smarter. But how do you know which smart products are...
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Why Own a Smart In-Floor Thermostat?
Technology has changed the way we live in so many convenient and time-saving ways. One of the greatest, and...
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A room beautifully designed by an Airbnb owner
Why Airbnb Owners Need a Smart Thermostat
Managing an Airbnb rental can be a rewarding experience for Airbnb owners on many levels. You have the opportunity...
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The Ultimate Guide to In-Floor Heating
There’s no place quite like home, especially when it’s perfectly warmed, to deal with the cool morning air or...
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Smart Home Solutions for Stressed Out Parents
Parenting is a full-time job. Any stay at home parent knows how quickly a day can slip away with...
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Convert Your House into a Smart Home with Alexa
Amazon’s Alexa Echo devices make it easy for anyone in any living situation to take advantage of new smart...
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The Complete Guide to Reducing Energy Consumption at Home
If you’re like most people, you’d love to find a way to decrease your daily expenses. You may have tried...
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