Meet Mysa’s Customers: Jakub
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Jakub Stroinski

Montreal, QC, Canada
Mysa Customer #928

Jakub Stroinski

Montreal, QC, Canada
Mysa Customer #928

My Smart Home Setup

3 x Mysa
1 x August lock

4 x iDevices switch
2 x iDevices socket

My Favourite Home Automation

“I have set up a couple different HomeKit scenes to make my life easier. I have different scenes set up for different rooms and time of day like my “Leave Home” scene that shuts off all the lights at home just in case I forgot to shut them off myself (including the Mysa displays) and I have an “Arrive Home” scene that turns on my Mysa displays so that they greet me when I step through the door. My favourite scene has got to be the “Goodnight” scene which turns off all the lights including the Mysa displays and turns on the night lights built into the light switches.”

How I Save Energy

“We try to minimize the use of AC and heating as much as possible and try to control the temperature by opening the windows or closing the blinds. Aside from Mysa we don’t have any other energy saving devices. I’ve been dreaming of having a HomeKit enabled AC control and a HomeKit enabled motor for my blinds to really make the whole ecosystem work seamlessly together but right now seems like a pipe dream.”

My Mysa Setup

What I love Most about My Mysa

“I love the way it looks. I always get compliments from people who see it on my wall. It’s really a beautiful design.

There has never been a product worthy of being on my wall for managing electric heat until Mysa. Mysa allows me to set my schedules and forget about them; lowering the heat while I’m away and keeping the place cosy while I’m home. Mysa doesn’t just help me save more energy, Mysa takes care of everything so I don’t have to.”

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  1. Murray

    I am a quadriplegic I bought my thermostat the beginning of this year . I had it installed and I use it with google home mini. It Gives me independence and allows me to adjust the temperature in my room to whatever I want. This is very useful for anyone who is disabled.

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