Meet Mysa’s Customers: Michael V.
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Michael Velez

My Smart Home Setup

11 x Mysa
2 x Smoke Detectors

4 x Lights
4 x Cameras

6 x Echo Dot
1 x Echo

1 x Garage Door
10 x Plugs (mix of fans, spacer heater, lamps)
7 x Contact Sensors
2 x Motion Sensors

My Favourite Home Automation

Voice control.

How I Save Energy

“Zone heating in winter is big, close doors to rooms not using, check smart plugs to make sure things are off. Also use Logitech harmony for the air conditioner, and space heaters are on smart plugs.”

My Mysa Setup

What I love Most about My Mysa

“Being able to control via voice and mobile, ability to turn baseboard off not just low temp, looks great, energy usage charts.

Also, being able to control remotely so I’m less likely to “leave on”, voice control so no excuse not to adjust right away, ability to lock thermostat so family members need permission to raise.”

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