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First things first: we are still undergoing some final tests regarding EMC compliance for Mysa before we can start shipping units. However, we have made significant progress and Mysa is undergoing further testing tomorrow (Friday, Nov 24th) so you can expect another product update next week.

The Mysa app will soon be submitted to the iOS and Android app stores for publishing and review which may take a couple of weeks. Some customers have asked us to see a preview of the app and although we are not able to offer the Mysa app for download at the moment, we wanted to share a sneak peek into the app’s design and interface. Feel free to leave a comment and give us your feedback. We are always taking customers’ feedback into consideration and their comments play a big part in what features we will roll out next.

Home & Thermostat Views

These are screenshots of the home view in the app and an individual thermostat’s control view where you can adjust the temperature or set schedules.

1. Zone (Collapsed)
This is a zone, a group of thermostats. If you click on the arrow, it will show an overview of all the thermostats assigned to this zone.

2. Zone (Expanded)
An overview of the settings for a group of thermostats, with each individual thermostat in this zone listed below. These thermostats can be controlled all at once by adjusting the “Main Floor” zone.

3. Individual Thermostat
Each thermostat that does not belong to a zone will have its individual card indicating the setpoint, current temperature and the humidity level.

4. Thermostat Name

5Adjust Temperature
Turn the heat up or down at any time to change the setpoint. The big number is the setpoint (your desired temperature) and the temperature icon up top indicates the current actual temperature in that thermostat’s room.

6. Settings
In the left corner, an icon will indicate what the status of the thermostat is. The options are:

  • Operating manually
  • Operating on a schedule
  • Hold temperature until next schedule setpoint
  • Turned off


  1. Drew

    What is the percentage icon indicating in the top right (looks like a rain drop)?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Drew,

      That is the humidity sensor. I hope that helps!

  2. Rich Genszler

    There is a little icon that looks like a fire with three flames. Sometimes none are orange, sometimes two are orange etc – what is this icon indicating, and what does each configuration signify?

    1. Brad Pretty

      This indicates the activity of our duty cycle – in plainer terms, how much power is going to the heater in order to reach or maintain a setpoint. Full flame means it’s sending a full load to reach it. Partial flames mean it’s accounting for miniscule loss of heat so that your room remains toasty.

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