Mysa Installation Video
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We’ve had a lot of requests for instructions on how to install the Mysa thermostat, and since we’re gearing up to ship soon we’ve decided to put together a video of what the install would look like for a typical 240V installation.

Here’s the video:


  1. Hilmar Egilson

    Hi, I´m looking at you product and I like it very much, I see that your system is working for 240V, I have a few questions.
    Is it possible that get the heating in celsius but not in farenheit?
    Here in Iceland we don´t have to connect the earth wire in thermostat is it possible to remove that wire ?
    I have in the house that I´m working in, heat in the floor, we use hot water here in Iceland to heat up our house, can I use this product to do that ?

    1. Brad Pretty

      We are not certified for Iceland right now, so we cannot legally ship there. Sorry!

      But to answer the other questions:
      Mysa does display in celsius.
      Our new model doesn’t have a ground wire at all.
      Mysa is compatible with some hydronic high voltage systems but not all.

  2. Cory Rundle

    Is Mysa certified for USA?

    1. Alexander Chafe

      Hi Cory, yes Mysa is fully certified to be purchased and operated in the USA.

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