Mysa vs Sinopé
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There are only a few connected thermostats for high voltage (line voltage) heating on the market. In addition to Mysa, there are Casa and Sinopé, and we will be looking at a side-by-side comparison of the Mysa Smart Thermostat and the Sinopé TH1120RF-4000 Model, both for high load heating systems.

Compatibility & Connectivity

Both Mysa and Sinopé are compatible with high voltage electric baseboard heaters and electric fan-forced heaters. The Mysa thermostats can control up to 3800W of heating loads, and the Sinopé thermostats can control up to 4000W. Make sure to check out this article on calculating your baseboard wattage before purchasing any thermostats in case of doubt. Regarding wires to be connected, Sinopé uses two wires like most other line voltage thermostats and uses power-stealing technology to power the thermostat. Mysa has two extra wires, a neutral wire that powers both the thermostats and heaters and one ground wire. Mysa Thermostats have a built-in Wi-Fi chip that connects directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Sinopé thermostat uses the Zigbee protocol which is an alternative low-power wireless connection. Because the Sinopé thermostats use Zigbee, you will have to purchase a hub for the thermostats to connect to and this hub will have to be plugged into your Wi-Fi router.

Controlling Thermostats

Mysa has a native app available for both Android and iOS through which you can control thermostats individually or in zones. The app allows you to set different schedules for specified days and thermostats. Because Mysa thermostats are connected to your Wi-Fi network and are always communicating with Mysa’s cloud service, you can control your thermostats from anywhere in the world. Sinopé does not have its own app for iOS or Android but uses the Neviweb platform for controlling thermostats; this is a web portal through which you can set temperatures and schedules. Neviweb talks to the Zigbee hub which then talks to the thermostats in your home. You can also control the Sinopé thermostats from anywhere in the world. As for controlling thermostats manually, Mysa has two capacitive touch buttons which allow you to increase or decrease the setpoint on any individual thermostat. Sinopé thermostats have two buttons as well allowing you to control the thermostats offline.


Mysa natively integrates with Amazon AlexaGoogle HomeIFTTT (If This Then That) and Apple HomeKit. In fact, Mysa is the only high voltage thermostat that integrates with Apple HomeKit. As well, a SmartThings integration will be available in early 2018. Sinopé doesn’t natively integrate with any of the voice assistants, but it does integrate with SmartThings. You could purchase a SmartThings hub and then link that hub with Amazon Alexa or IFTTT. However, this method would not allow you to integrate the thermostats with Apple HomeKit.

Smart Features

Mysa has built-in data collection measures and will implement learning algorithms to learn about your preferences and schedules over time. In the future, the Mysa app will then suggest improvements to your schedules to help you save even more energy. As well, Mysa will learn how long it takes for any room to heat up to the temperature of choice and will ensure your rooms are comfortably warm exactly when you want them. For a detailed overview of how the smarts of the thermostat work, check out this article. Sinopé doesn’t have any smart features on its own. However, if you have a SmartThings hub, you could link up certain things through IFTTT but it will require a fair bit of set-up to “create” these smart features for your thermostats.


Mysa Thermostats are currently available starting at $139 per thermostat with no additional setup costs or hubs required. The Sinopé thermostat costs $80 but does require the purchase of a Zigbee hub at an additional $80. Although Sinopé would be cheaper if you order multiple thermostats, you would miss out on having a native smartphone app, many integrations with voice assistants, and smart features of the Mysa Smart Thermostats that maximize your home’s energy efficiency.


  1. Paul Czeladnicki

    I have aBryant Evolution AC system and oil baseboard heat. Will this work on my system

    1. Brad Pretty

      Hey Paul,

      Unfortunately we do not work with oil systems.

  2. Frank Piccolo

    Stopped reading at Zigbee. Mysa all the way for its versatility.

  3. matt Iann

    My only question is for the Sinope product. I own 1 mysa thermostat and I know if the internet goes out (or power in the house goes out) it will automatically seek the internet and connect when service is back. Does the Sinope product hub do that?? thanks in adsvance

  4. Dominic

    I have 2 2000w baseboard to control with the same thermostat is it ok with mysa?

    1. Brad Pretty

      That’s a total of 4000W which exceeds our limit of 3800, so unfortunately not.

  5. benjamin

    How about reviewing both APIs to control heating?
    How easy would it be to port your device compared to Sinope to ?

    1. Claude Gelinas

      I’ve ported all Sinopé product to Home Assistant. Can be accessed both through there neviweb portal or directly via the GT125 router.

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