Mysa Smart Thermostats Launches New Smart-Home Product Mysa for Electric In-Floor Heating
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Mysa’s Newest Smart Thermostat Helps Households Save by Using Energy Efficiently.

St. John’s, NL — On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, Newfoundland-based smart-home tech company Mysa Smart Thermostats announced the official release of Mysa for Electric In-Floor Heating. The newest member of the Mysa product family will give households across North America greater control over their electricity bills by helping them use energy more efficiently.

Like all Mysa products, the innovative hardware and software for the Electric In-Floor Heating unit were designed and developed on-site at Mysa headquarters in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Created to improve comfort and convenience primarily in kitchens and bathrooms, the in-floor offering embodies Mysa’s product evolution by pairing its proven energy-saving software features with a sleeker, more compact design. Further new product releases are planned for the near future as Mysa continues to build momentum.

Mysa Co-Founder and CEO Joshua Green said of the much-anticipated official product launch: “We’re absolutely thrilled to share Mysa for Electric In-Floor Heating with the world. We’ve been working tirelessly with our amazing beta customers to refine the product and ensure that this is our best Mysa yet.” Added Green, “Launching our in-floor unit helps us continue to combat climate change by adding to a network of devices that empower our customers to use energy more efficiently.”

Mysa Smart Thermostats (aka Empowered Homes) evolved from a solar-powered heater made from a recycled pop can — Josh’s final Mechanical Engineering assignment as a student of Memorial University in 2014. Six years later, Josh and Co-Founder/fellow Engineer Zachary’s remarkable team of makers, doers, and believers is growing at warp speed (#nerds), as is their range of energy-saving line voltage smart thermostats for electric heating. Keep watching Mysa in 2020 as they continue to fight climate change and add new products to help customers reduce their electricity costs by using energy more efficiently.

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