Mysa Launches Preorders for New Air Conditioner Product
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NL-Based Smart Thermostat Company Sees Unprecedented Market Support for Highly-Anticipated Third Product

St. John’s, NL — On Tuesday, November 10, 2020, Newfoundland-based smart thermostat company Mysa officially launched North American preorders for its newest smart thermostat for electric cooling and heating, Mysa for Air Conditioners. Mysa for AC is the first premium, Canadian-designed smart thermostat for air conditioners and integrates seamlessly with Mysa for Baseboards and Mysa for In-Floor, giving homeowners full control of their home’s electric heating and cooling with a single mobile app. Mysa for AC is designed to replace most LCD remotes for window and portable air conditioners and ductless mini-split heat pumps.

The highly-anticipated third product in the company’s growing ecosystem of smart energy products sold over 500 units in the first 24 hours of its preorder release, underscoring market support for the product and the exponential growth of the Mysa brand across North America.

Said Mysa Co-Founder and CEO Josh Green: “We’re incredibly excited to bring our third product, Mysa for Air Conditioners, to market! Mysa customers who are already using Mysa for Electric Baseboard Heaters and Mysa for Electric In-Floor Heating told us they wanted a smart thermostat that would help them control their standalone AC systems and mini-split heat pumps. Integrating AC into the Mysa ecosystem of energy-saving smart thermostats means helping customers take full control of their home’s electric heating and cooling with one app, while staying comfortable and becoming more energy-efficient.”

Added Green, “We’ve learned a lot from bringing our first two products to market. We’re confident that we’ve created our most innovative product to date — we can’t wait for our customers to welcome Mysa for AC into their homes in Spring 2021!”

Mysa’s mission is to fight climate change by creating smart thermostats for electric heating and cooling that help homeowners save money by using energy more efficiently. What began as Joshua Green’s final Mechanical Engineering assignment has become (with the help of his brother Zachary, COO and fellow Engineer), a leading employer in the tech sector in Newfoundland and Labrador and a rising star in the smart energy product industry in North America. Mysa’s diverse, fully NL-based team is growing at warp speed (#nerds), as is their ecosystem of energy-saving smart thermostats for electric heating and cooling. Keep watching Mysa in 2021 and beyond as they make change comfortable by helping customers save energy and reduce their electricity bills.

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