Product Update: Certifications and Google Home Integration
Good news on Mysa’s product certification! We have addressed the issues we encountered last week that showed our emissions...
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From Switch to Smartphone: Devices that Drove Smart Home Technology Forward
Today’s homes are aware nearly to the point of sentience. They know when we wake and sleep. They know...
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First look at Mysa’s Amazon Alexa Integration
Our software team has been working hard to make sure every single feature works seamlessly and we’d like to...
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EMC Certification Testing
Last week, Justin and Dan went to Boxborough, about an hour outside of Boston, to complete Mysa’s first electromagnetic...
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Introduction to Smart Home Technology
We all know how amazing the internet can be. It provides you access to all sorts of information with...
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We’ve Built Some Mysas
Thanks to the hard work from our product team, we’ve successfully manufactured the first 25 Mysas.
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Our Story and the Birth of Mysa
Read about how Empowered Homes came to be and how the idea of Mysa was formed from our CEO...
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