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Mysa vs Caleo

Mysa vs Caleo

HOME AUTOMATION Mysa vs CaleoSide-by-side comparison Ben Barbour 17 January 2018 Homeowners with high voltage (or line voltage) heating in North America have a few options when they look for a solution to lower their energy consumption and heating costs. Some of the...

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Product Update: Manufacturing + Shipping

PRODUCT UPDATES Manufacturing and Shipping Update Daan Goossens 16 January 2018 At Mysa, we are continuing to work hard to get all units out to our customers as soon as possible. We successfully completed our first (very) small manufacturing run and will be delivering...

The Best Thermostat for Multiple Zones

Are you looking for a thermostat to control multiple zones? In this article, we take a look at the best thermostat for your specific heating system.

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