Let's reduce one of your top operational costs: your energy bill.

Mysa Dash is a simple solution to control the electric heat in your building right from your desk. By replacing your existing thermostat, we avoid disruptive renovations and big capital expenses.

Save up to 15% annually with Mysa Dash!

Three steps to savings

Install our Thermostat
The Mysa thermostat is designed with retrofitting in mind and can replace most conventional line voltage thermostats.
Connect to Wi-Fi
Use the Mysa app available on Android and iOS to get your thermostats online.
Attend Setup Consultation
We'll help you setup Mysa Dash for maximum energy savings right from the start.
Explore new limits
Choose the maximum temperature a device can be set to and reduce wasteful energy usage.
Control from your desk
Access any thermostat through the web platform and change settings for a single room, a full wing or the entire building.
Schedule your savings
Create and save schedules that reduce energy use without sacrificing resident comfort.
Track your spend
See the energy usage per thermostat and identify the outliers so you can address them.
Forget lockboxes
Lock individual thermostats so you’re the only one controlling the temperature in just a few clicks.
Join the tens of thousands of homes and businesses across North America saving with Mysa!

Why choose Mysa?

Best Practice Sharing
We will work with you to create the most effective settings to achieve your savings goals!
Support every step of the way
You’re never alone with our support team available to answer questions throughout every step of the journey.
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Prompt Payback Period
With our free-hardware model, you can see a return on the investment in under 2 years.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to pay for hardware?
No, we realize the overhead of solutions like this are often too high for companies to ever see a return! So all associated hardware is included in the annual subscription price.
What’s included in the software fee?
The annual fee includes:
  • • All hardware including shipping
  • • Access to the Mysa Dash platform
  • • Training and support
  • • Access to all updates and future development
Is my building compatible?
That depends on a few things! Check out our compatibility checker to be sure or reach out to our friendly support team.
Do I have to outfit my entire building?
No, we work with you to work out a tailored rollout plan. Reach out to our sales team to get the conversation started.
How much can I expect to save?
We find that the savings can really vary based on your current energy usage and building set up! Reach out to our sales team to get a personalized proposal detailing your energy-saving potential.