Here are some common questions about Mysa.
Do I need a Mysa thermostat in each room?
No, you can place Mysa in any or all rooms in your home to manage and monitor the rooms that matter to you most. However, we do recommend replacing every thermostat in your home with Mysa to get the highest energy savings.
How many thermostats do I need?

To achieve the highest energy savings out of Mysa we recommend replacing every thermostat in your home with Mysa. However, if you want to install Mysa in only the rooms that matter most to you, Mysa will still help you automate your heating and make sure you are comfortable in those rooms.

Is my home compatible?
Mysa is compatible with high voltage (120V and 240V) resistive electric baseboard heaters and fan-forced heaters. Mysa does not support furnaces, heat pumps, and hot water radiators.
How do I install Mysa?

Like any high-voltage equipment – there are dangers associated with installing a high-voltage thermostat. As such, we recommend that Mysa should be installed and serviced only by qualified electrical personnel. For more information visit our installation page.

Will I need internet in my home?

Yes, Mysa requires access to the internet so you can control it remotely. Mysa works with all current routers that are b/g/n capable. It’s more than likely that your current router will work with it, but if you have doubts feel free to ask us and we’ll check for you!

What if I lose my internet connection?

In the event that you lose access to the internet from your service provider, Mysa will only operate manually from the thermostat. When your internet is restored, the Mysa Smart Thermostats will automatically re-connect to your home network.

When will I get my Mysa?

The first Mysa Smart Thermostats were sent in February 2018. New orders for our next available production run have an estimated delivery in March. Pre-order today to ensure that you receive Mysa thermostats as early as possible!

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