Meet Mysa Dash
An energy management platform built for building owners and managers using the Mysa Smart Thermostat.
It’s the easiest way to reduce your building's operating costs by regulating electric heat and reducing energy usage.
Want to cut down on costs?
Small changes can lead to big savings.
Manage Many
Mysa Smart Thermostats.
The Mysa Dash platform was built from the ground up with large scale energy management in mind. With unique features tailored to property and building managers, saving energy and cutting electric heat costs has never been easier - and you can do it right from your browser.‎
Easy Installation = No Renovations.
Mysa replaces your building’s existing thermostats and connects to a standard Wi-Fi network. That means no need for new hardwired solutions or extensive renovations. No new wires or hubs. A Mysa Smart Thermostat can be installed and connected to Mysa Dash in less than 15 minutes.‎
You’re In Control.
Min/Max Temperature
Set a custom range of temperatures and prevent people from leaving the heat on - or leaving the place freezing.
Automated Schedules
Heat the building on your schedule. Things like setting a slightly lower setpoint at night can save you more money than you think.
Save up to 26% on your heating bill.
All the Information You’ll Ever Need.
Mysa knows how much electricity is used by each individual thermostat. This leads to unprecedented insights into your building’s energy consumption. Now, you can identify why your bill is racking up with precision and fix it on the fly.‎
It’s Just a Better Thermostat.
Mysa uses more accurate heating technology than a traditional dial thermostat. Fluctuating temperatures (and their tendency to add extra costs on to your bill) are a thing of the past. Mysa saves energy - and makes things cozier, too.‎
Mysa Dash Can Help Your Business.