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Smart change starts at home
Download your FREE DIY Energy Audit to learn how your energy management choices can help our planet.
The future is electric
Our mission is to keep our customers cozy at home — without compromising our planet’s future.
From our carbon-neutral HQ in the wild North Atlantic, we design smart thermostats that help folks feel comfortable about making future-focused home energy management choices.
Comfort without compromise
Saving energy isn’t just about saving money. It’s about helping save our planet.

Great product! With each tap and temperature adjustment, we’re actively participating in our carbon footprint reduction, as well as a reduction of our energy costs.
- Peter M. at
With Mysa, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to make a real difference through increased energy efficiency at home.
Start saving in all the ways that matter
FREE DIY Home Energy Audit Checklist
See your home energy management wins and find ways to become even more energy efficient with our 11-step DIY Home Energy Audit.

Finding smart ways to boost your home energy savings? Good for you, good for our planet.
Small change = real impact

Our smart thermostats have saved
in equivalent greenhouse gas emissions.
Just by switching to Mysa Smart Thermostats, our customers are offsetting millions of kilometers in equivalent greenhouse gas emissions.

That number keeps growing because Mysa users care about our planet’s future.
Bravo. : )
Thermostat Recovery Program (TRP)
Switched to Mysa and wondering what to do with your old dial thermostats? Get smart about protecting our planet!

We’re proud to work with the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) to provide FREE, safe recycling options for all components of your displaced dial thermostats.
Recycling your dial thermostat is as easy as 1-2-3:
Drop It Off
Find a local Public Drop-Off Location on the TRP website.
Send It Back
Receive a 5L personal TRP collection pail (holds approx. 5 thermostats) and a prepaid shipping label from Purolator for a one-time return.
Feel Great
Enjoy peace of mind from knowing you’ve made a smart recycling choice that helps our planet.
Shop Now and Save 15%
Ready to save some extra green?

Match your heating type with the right Mysa Smart Thermostat for you and save 15% per unit.
Mysa For Electric
Baseboard Heaters
Works with:
• High voltage electric baseboard heaters
• High voltage fan-forced/in-wall heaters
• …and more!
Mysa For Electric
In-Floor Heating
Works with:
• All high voltage electric in-floor heating systems
Mysa For
Mini-Split Heat Pumps
Works with:
• Ductless mini-split heat pumps
• Window AC units
• Portable AC units