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Mysa Smart Controller for Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
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  • Works with any Air Conditioner and Air-To-Air Heat Pump
  • Replaces your existing remote. Set up in under 5 minutes
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Take control of your AC or Heat Pump (and your electricity bill!)
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    Mysa works with a variety of AC systems:
    Air-to-air Heat Pumps
    Window AC
    Portable AC
    Alexa, turn up the heat
    We play well with others, pairing with your favorite voice assistants and smart home integrations.
      Mysa Smart Thermostat
      Simplify your life with a Smart Thermostat - Easy to use & saves you money.
      • Integrate with your smart home for FREE
      • Setup in less then 15 minutes
      • Save up to 26% on home energy bill
      30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
      1 Year Energy Savings Guarantee
      2 Year Warranty
      Free Returns
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      Buy more Mysas, get more rebates & discounts. Smart.
      How are my savings calculated?
      BC Hydro After-Tax Rebate
      Save $25/unit (after tax)
      Mysa Quantity Discount
      BONUS BC-Only Mysa Discount

      *Taxes and duties included in the price.

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      So much better than a remote
      It has turned our air-to-air heat pump system from something moderately annoying into an easy to use and monitor system that I'm super happy with. I love the fact that you can monitor the set and ambient temperature from the app, but also have the flexibility to change the temperature directly from the units. Highly recommend.
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          Ditch the Remote
          Mysa makes your AC or Heat Pump smart
          Your Old Remote
          Have questions about Mysa for Air Conditioners? We’ve got answers :)
          Will Mysa work with my mini-split heat pump or other AC type?
          Mysa for AC and Mini-Splits is designed to replace most LCD remotes for ductless mini-split heat pumps, and window/portable ACs. For example, Mysa works with brands like:

          Mini-Split AC
            • Mitsubishi
            • Fujitsu

          Window AC
            • LG
            • Frigidaire
            • General Electric

          Portable AC
            • Cadet
            • DeLonghi

          ...and many others!

          Don’t see your brand here? Don’t worry — our list of supported brands is growing.
          Will Mysa sense humidity in my home?
          Yes, Mysa will measure and display the current room humidity within the Mysa App, and includes the ability to monitor this daily.
          Does Mysa replace my mini-split or AC remote?

          Ductless mini split heat pumps, window AC units, and portable AC units are all electric systems controlled by a remote using IR (a.k.a. infrared) signals, instead of a thermostat wired into a wall.

          Mysa uses IR signals to pair with your unit to replace your remote and function as a thermostat that helps regulate heating and cooling.

          The convenience of IR smart thermostat control means no longer having to look for the remote or worrying about if you turned off the mini-split or AC; simply change or monitor your home’s heating and cooling settings from the Mysa smartphone app.
          How many Mysas do I need?
          Each Mysa is designed to work on its own — you can start with one thermostat and add more over time. To optimize your energy savings and comfort, we recommend starting with 3 thermostats in the rooms that matter most in your home.
          How does Mysa help me save on my electricity bill?
          Mysa Smart Thermostats are designed to help you reduce your monthly electricity costs by using home energy more efficiently (running your heaters as accurately and infrequently as possible).

          The Mysa app’s smart features like Scheduling, Geofencing, and Eco-Mode help you optimize your comfort level while using less energy to heat your home.
          Can I get utility rebates for Mysa?
          Many utility companies offer rebates to help off-set the cost of purchasing energy efficient products like Mysa.

          To find out if there’s a utility rebate offered in your area, check out our rebates page or contact your utility provider.
          What kind of network connection does Mysa require?
          Each Mysa Thermostat uses a tiny amount of data — approximately 0.5 MB — per day. While Mysa does not require any special routers and is designed to work with most household routers, it does require a unique 2.4ghz connection.

          Please ensure that your router is able to operate a 2.4ghz network, and is not currently set to a merged network.
          Can I manually change the temperature on Mysa?
          Yes, you can control your preferred setpoint temperature from the thermostat’s faceplate. Adjusting the temperature manually will override your Schedule until the next set point change and will not interfere with any additional app settings.
          Other questions about Mysa?
          Our team of expert Support humans is here to help.
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          Mysa = the art of cozy
          Mysa (pronounced 'Mee-sah') means 'cozy' in Swedish. To us, it means feeling good about doing good.
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