Control your heating with your phone.
Control your rising cost of living.
Save more money. Every month.
We love it when you take control.
Stop living in the past.
Ditch the dial.
The dial days are over. Get smart control for your home’s electric baseboard heating.
✅ Control from anywhere with Mysa app
✅ Works with HomeKit, Alexa, and Siri
✅ Save up to 26% on your electricity bill
Save up to 26% on your home electricity bill with smart baseboard heating control.
✅ Customize your heating schedule
✅ Automate home energy savings
✅ Control from anywhere with your phone
Mysa Smart Thermostats can help you save up to 26% on your electricity bill.
✅ Control heating with your phone
✅ Schedules, Geofencing, and more
✅ Works with your smart home platform
✅ Guaranteed energy savings* or your money back!
*Exclusive 2-Year Energy Savings Guarantee
Upgrade to Mysa Smart Thermostats and control your electric baseboard heaters with your phone.
✅ 100% FREE mobile app
✅ Customized heating schedules & more
✅ Works with HomeKit, Alexa, Siri
✅ Save up to 26% on electricity costs
Tap into effortless energy savings and sleek style with Mysa Smart Thermostats.
✅ 24/7 heating control from anywhere
✅ Up to 26% savings on your electricity bill
✅ FREE, featured-packed mobile app
✅ Sleek, premium design
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 9000+ reviews
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2-Year Energy Savings Guarantee
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Take control of your thermostat
(and your electricity bill!)
Tap into your savings!
    Ditch the dial
    Mysa makes your baseboard heater smart
    The Old Program
    Are we a match?
    Mysa works with a variety of high voltage electric heating systems:
    Electric baseboard
    Fan-forced (in-wall)
    hydronic baseboard
    In-ceiling radiant
    Alexa, turn up the heat
    We play well with others, pairing with your favorite voice assistants and smart home integrations.
    Mysa Smart Thermostat
    Simplify your life with a Smart Thermostat - Easy to use & saves you money.
    • Integrate with your smart home for FREE
    • Install in less then 15 minutes
    • Save up to 26% on home energy bill
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    1 Year Energy Savings Guarantee
    2 Year Warranty
    Save up to $40/unit!
    Use code SPRING20
    Free shipping on all orders
    $$ In Your Pocket
    We purchased the thermostats for a vacation rental. Very easy to install and set up and great way to save money over time. You can easily set up times and dates to turn heat up for temperatures to be comfortable for guests when they arrive. And turn heat to desired temperature when guests leave.
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