Mysa Smart Thermostat
for Electric Baseboard Heaters

Welcome to your easy, step-by-step guide to setting up your new Mysa LITE for Electric Baseboard Heaters!
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Hello, friend.
Thank you for purchasing the Mysa Smart Thermostat LITE for Electric Baseboard Heaters! Your online guide shows you how to easily set up, use, and troubleshoot your Mysa.
Mysa LITE for Electric Baseboard Heaters is compatible with most electric baseboard, fan-forced, self-contained hydronic, and in-ceiling heating.
Please ensure that your breaker is powered OFF to help make the installation process as quick as possible.
Warning! High Voltage!
Warning! High Voltage!
Installing this product involves handling high voltage wiring. Follow these installation instructions carefully.
To avoid fire, personal injury, or death, turn off your circuit breakers and follow the proper safety precautions before proceeding.
The installation of the thermostat must comply with the applicable local and/or national electrical codes and utility requirements. This installation should be entrusted to duly-qualified personnel where required by law.
What's in the Box?
What you'll need
Download the Mysa App
The Mysa app is where all your important smart features live! Use it to easily set Schedules, shortcuts or set up Geofencing for when you’re on the move.
Download the latest version of the Mysa app from the Google Play Store or App Store and create an account (or log in to your existing account).
Installing Mysa
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Pairing your Mysa
How to pair:
1. Open the Mysa App.

2. Navigate to Add Thermostat.

3. Select LITE for Baseboard.

4. Follow app instructions or video in the next section.
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Homekit Pairing
Mysa Pairing
Display Icons
There are four common display icons that will appear on your Mysa’s faceplate display when pairing or updating.
Manual Controls
Mysa LITE for Electric Baseboard Heaters can be adjusted manually at any time by pressing the Up or Down arrow to increase or decrease the set point temperature.

By default, Mysa will display the room temperature. When manually adjusting the temperature, the setpoint will display, allowing you to set your ideal climate for the room.
App Controls
The Mysa app works seamlessly across all four of our products, allowing for easy remote access, Scheduling, Geofencing, and more!
Here’s an example of what your Mysa LITE for Electric Baseboard Heaters’ thermostat control screen looks like on your smartphone:
App Features
Mobile App
Adjust your home heating from anywhere on your Android or iOS device.
Use the app to set a schedule for your thermostat in less than a minute.
Mysa uses your location to detect if anyone is home, so that you’re not paying to heat an empty house.
A Smarter Home
Control Mysa through your favourite smart home platforms and home assistants.
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in control of your preferred temperature setting.
Shared Access
Share access to your account easily so others can control your Mysas through the Mysa app.
Thermostat Control
Mysa displays the room temperature, and the buttons allow you to adjust it.
Vacation Mode
Going on vacation? Mysa will save energy while you’re away.
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Smart Home Integrations
Mysa user instructing Google Home to increase the temperature of a Mysa unit Mysa user instructing Google Home to increase the temperature of a Mysa unit
Mysa LITE for Electric Baseboard Heaters works with your favourite smart home platforms and home assistants, making it easy to adjust your home’s temperature and keep your favorite spaces perfectly comfortable.
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Common Troubleshooting Tips
High five! You’re all set : )
It’s time to enjoy the comfort, convenience, and control of Mysa! If you still have questions or need help, feel free to contact one of our awesome Customer Support team. We’re always here for you.
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