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Mysa’s mission is to fight climate change. Mysa works to provide a simple solution to homeowners and businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption and save on their electric bills. We strive to produce smart, innovative, and environmentally-friendly technology that enriches the lives of people and the planet.
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Joshua Green
Joshua Green is Co-Founder, CEO, and our fearless leader at Mysa.

Josh founded Mysa with one question in mind: How to use technology to fight climate change? When conducting energy audits for homeowners, Josh discovered an opportune way to make a difference - creating a smart thermostat for high voltage electric heating systems. Josh quickly joined forces with his brother and Co-Founder Zach to build an expert Mysa team, a motivating corporate culture, and to make his dream a reality.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Josh has always been interested in how systems work. Energy systems were a particular focus of his throughout his degree and, of course, how to make them more energy-efficient. This combined with Josh’s passion for the environment makes him the perfect leader for Mysa.

Over the years of managing Mysa’s growing team of passionate people, Josh has realized how important company leadership, culture and discipline are to the success of a business. Josh works hard to motivate employees toward continued success and is ecstatic about the role Mysa will play in making our world a more sustainable place to live.
Zachary Green
As Co-Founder and COO, Zachary Green helps maintain our world-class operations here at Mysa. Zach works to ensure all employees have the tools, resources, and answers they need to meet their full potential and crush the thermostat biz.

During his mechanical engineering education, Zach developed the skills and work ethic needed to wear many hats and make Mysa a success. From marketing, finance, operations, manufacturing, and product development - Zach has done it all. He now mentors a growing team of over 50 employees focused on making a difference and fighting climate change.

While nearly as passionate about the environment as his brother Josh, Zach’s favourite aspect of Mysa is product development. Working alongside brands like Amazon, Google, and Apple, Zach guides the Mysa team to make products that customers love. Zach’s unparalleled focus on customer satisfaction and passion for technology are huge factors that led to Mysa becoming the fast-growing company of its kind in Newfoundland.
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Mysa Smart Thermostat for
Electric Baseboard Heaters
The only smart thermostat built for line voltage electric heaters that works with all your smart home platforms.
Mysa Smart Thermostat for
Electric In-Floor Heating
The ultimate smart thermostat for line voltage in-floor heating designed from the ground up for your comfort.
Mysa Smart Thermostat for
Mini-Split Heat Pumps
The premium smart thermostat designed to control your home’s electric cooling and heating.