Mysa Product Roadmap
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We’ve Sure Come a Long Way!

When first launching Mysa, we had our fair share of work to get it to market. When we started shipping out our perfected product, it came with a full slate of features that we were (and still are!) proud of::

  • Complete iOS and Android apps
  • Apple HomeKit compatibility
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Zoning
  • Easy Scheduling

From Launch to Life in Thousands of Homes.

Since that first box of Mysas, we’ve done a whole lot to make Mysa the best it can be. With an expanded software team, we’ve greatly improved the connectivity of the Mysa unit. We’ve made our app more responsive. We’ve squashed so many bugs. We’ve tested, retested, and retested again. Since the initial launch in 2018, we’ve added an incredible 25 updates for the Mysa app to make your experience even better. In the past year, we’ve added:

  • IFTTT Integration
  • Eco-Mode
  • Energy Charting
  • Radiant Mode (On/Off mode)
  • Temperature and Setpoint History
  • Share Access
  • Multi-User Geofencing
  • Shortcuts
  • Samsung SmartThings

And coming very soon:

  • Multi-Home Support
  • Setpoint control on the thermostat (min/max settings)
  • Alexa V3

A New Roadmap for the Future.

All of these additions lead us up to the present day. Your Mysas are here to help with all your heating needs! The current selection of features will help you keep your energy use in check without sacrificing comfort. Just check your charts to see the savings rack up, and customize the whole feature-set for your lifestyle.

Additionally, we are planning to add the following features:

  • Scheduling Profile – Have a winter/spring/summer schedule
  • Schedule for Display Brightness – Automatically dim the display for nighttime. 
  • Energy Charting V2 – see your whole home’s energy usage. 
  • Notifications – get notified if the room temperature goes above/below a threshold temperature
  • Time to Setpoint Learning for Early-On – Helps to ensure your room is heated to the desired temperature exactly when you want it.


  1. Jonny Lucas

    A question regarding “Works with Nest” – does this mean I could use a nest thermostat (connected to air conditioning only) to run my mysa heaters?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Jonny,

      It means that you could use the Nest app to control your Mysas to work with your Nests and run on the same schedules and such, a native integration. I hope that helps!

      1. Tor Langlo

        This would be great! Please hurry!

        1. Justin Huff

          I’d really love to see integration with homeassistat — ideally through a local API.

  2. Bryan

    Is there a direct API (REST/JSON) in the works?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Bryan,

      Not at this time no, there are no official plans in the works. My apologies for any inconvenience!

      1. Eric Rousse

        I want also an API. Would love to create my own graphs using grafana. And since a lot of users using Mysa are probably data freaks or developpers, this should be a planned feature! 🙂

        1. Danny Blais

          Ecobee supports ? Is that feasable ? 😉

          1. Rebecca Collins

            Hi Danny,

            Maybe one day! 🙂

          2. Glenn

            I second that. Integration with Ecobee would be great. I have two Mysa in my basement. One in my office, where I work all day, and one in another room. These are supplemental heat, for the main heat source run from my Ecobee. There is a problem when the A/C is turned on, and the temp dips below the scheduled Mysa temp in the office, and then it turns on the heat when I have cold A/C air blowing in from the vent. I had to turn the Mysa temp way down. Alternatively, an ‘off’ mode would be nice, or a seasonal schedule.

          3. Brad Pretty

            Hey Glenn,

            There is an off mode in the app under settings.

        2. Athan

          An API would be a great addition for this product. I have an ISY automation controller. I would love to integrate my Mysa thermostats into it.

      2. John

        What about integration with Automation companies like Control4?

        1. Brad Pretty

          This is not currently in the plans, but never say never.

          1. Todd g

            Please call integrate with Control4

          2. Brad Pretty

            Hey Todd,

            There are no plans as of right now to integrate with Control 4.

    2. Yannick

      +1 for this request! I would love this too!

  3. Ryan Neff

    I looked at your IFTTT integration, and there are no triggers, only actions. I’d call that implementation “half-baked”. When do you expect IFTTT triggers to be available?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Ryan,

      We would like to do that but don’t have it on the roadmap at the current time as no official plans have been made. However, there has been discussion on making that a reality! My apologies for not having a more specific date at this time!

    2. Mark

      I agree with this. I’d like to trigger a smart plug to turn on my dehumidifier with a limit based on the humidity sensor in the mysa thermostat. Should be easy to do. Some day, I hope!

      1. Mark Stevens

        I agree with this as well half baked for sure, this was also one of the main reasons I bought the product. I’ve delayed purchasing more units until they address this item, why not on roadmap?

        1. Rebecca Collins

          Hi Mark!

          It’s not on the roadmap at this time as no official plans have been put into place as of right now. We do plan on adding it though! Thank you for your patience in the meantime, we all greatly appreciate it!

          1. Mauricio

            +1 for IFTTT triggers 🙂

          2. Chris P

            I agree this should definitely be a feature. I bought this product under the assumption that I could trigger things based on the temperature reading inside my house. I’m pretty disappointed and considering returning the unit.

          3. Brad Pretty

            This compatiblity will be available through other smart home platforms (IFTTT/SmartThings) early this year.

  4. Jon

    What’s the Dark Mode UI? The only complaint I have about the Mysa is that even at 10% brightness, it’s still too bright for our bedroom at night so I have to shut the LEDs right off. It’s such a waste to not have any display at all, even during the day. I’d love to see a Do Not Disturb feature where all LED activity can be disabled between certain hours then operate as normal outside those hours.

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Jon,

      The Dark Mode UI is a darker app so that will be easier on the eyes when it is dark in the room. And that is an excellent idea! I shall go and add that to our Customer Feedback that I collect and share with the software team. Thank you so much!

    2. Ryan

      If you have homekit you can set the brightness using the home app all the way down to 1% and that is very dim. Quite a bit dimmer than 10%. Unfortunately that only sets active brightness and does not set the inactive brightness which you are limited to 0 or 10% brightness.

      I think it would be relatively easy for Mysa to add the whole range of 0-100% brightness adjustable by single percents instead of 10% increments that are currently in place.

      1. Ben

        I agree with Ryan. Can it please be suggested during yout meetings?

        1. Rebecca Collins

          Hi Ben,

          Certainly! It is a good idea!

          1. Brandon

            I also second and third with both Ben and Ryan. I too would like to see the temperature in our room at night, but not at 10% brightness.. More like 2-3%

          2. Rebecca Collins

            Hi Brandon,

            Well thank you for letting us know that, we always appreciate the feedback!

        2. stefan

          Hi, any update on the dimming feature at night (1-2%).
          My kids think 10% is too bright for them at night.

          1. Brad Pretty

            No update as of right now but it’s definitely something we’ll get to!

  5. Jared

    We just installed 3 MYSAs as a test in our mountain home. We are excited! We rent our place consistently. You may want to consider a few features from the perspective of a vacation rental property:
    – Ability to allow guests limited access through smart phone app to control heat.
    – Ability to schedule multiple vacation or vacancy dates.
    – Web portal for complex scheduling and analytics.
    – Less buggy pairing… We had difficulty pairing each thermostat without rebooting router, cycling idevices, and reinstalling app in iOS.

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Jared,

      Thank you for that feedback, we always appreciate it so much! Feel free to reach out to if you need any further assistance or anything!

  6. Ankit Prasad

    Any updates on the Smart Things integration?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hello! I spoke with the team and July is when it sounds like that integration will be ready to go Live. Thank you so much for your continued patience!

  7. Eric Rousse

    In-app energy charting was planned for june, but its not there yet, no big deal because most of us are probably not even using the thermostat to heat up at this time. But would love to know when it will be in, and at the same time, if a temperature chart will be provided ? Since its just another chart based of a value that is already in the account, like the humidity as well.

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Eric,

      It will more than likely come this July as I believe they do plan on releasing it soon! And yes, you will also be able to see your temperature fluctuations alongside the other data. I hope that helps!

      1. jerome

        Hi Rebecca,

        would you have any news for the Energy Charting function ? can we subscriber to the beta program and try it out ?

  8. Michael Carson

    When will you update this list of enhancements?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Michael,

      It actually has been updated now! I hope that helps!

  9. Jeff Mendel

    One thing that would incredibly useful would be notification when the thermostat is offline as we are away often in the winter. Any plans for offline notifications?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Jeff,

      We do actually have plans to send out push notifications that will help draw attention to those kinds of situations. I hope that helps!

      1. Rick

        Absolutely need this for our vacation home. I’d like to receive a push notification from Mysa’s servers when they haven’t heard from a thermostat in X minutes.

        1. Brad Pretty

          While push notifications are still in the works, we have begun sending emails when we detect Mysa has been offline for over 2 hours.

  10. Landry T Bertsch

    Just a question any idea when we will see smartthings integration. It started July but just wondering if it got pushed back for any reason.

    1. Brad Pretty

      Hey Landry,
      We’re in the approval process with SmartThings right now. So while it’s taking a little bit longer than anticipated, we’re in the home stretch.

  11. Patrick Stutz

    Will mysa be integrated with the wink smart home system?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Patrick!

      Not at this time no. However, it has been discussed as a potential, down the road, idea!

      1. Michael Carson

        It would be great to see Mysa integrated with Wink

        1. Travis

          Yes! Wink integration please. They have the best hub around! The customer support is amazing from the company. Please please bring in wink integration!!

          1. philip m.

            a lot of my customers use WINK… many of them would get a mysa…

          2. Brad Pretty

            We’ve definitely considered Wink integration but have nothing to announce at this time.

      2. Montery

        I’m considering Wink Smart Hub 2 for my home automation, and I would love to control the heaters centrally and with IFTT.

      3. Maconsiltant

        I would like to add to the Wink integration suggestion. Your Road map mentioned Wink integration as that was one of the factors of me buying into Mysa, but you have since removed any reference of Wink from your timeline and as it looks backed out of supporting the Wink platform,. Why did you abandon this integration? It seems like it was abandoned and others took its place. Can you please clarify? Thanks

        1. Simon Mac odemba

          Hello friend! We were developing a Wink integration however it appears the company’s hubs are off the market and Wink will not comment on this. Due to this, we have decided to focus on our integration with some of the other popular home automation platforms such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung.

  12. Ryan Neff

    Is there a revised completion date for SmartThings Integration?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Ryan,

      Just recently, we learned that Samsung has chosen to change their platform for SmartThings. Therefore, for the last 6 months, they have not been certifying new products due to this change. Our SmartThings certification has since been pushed back, but it will be attained before the end of 2018. We truly do apologize for this inconvenience, but want to assure you that we still have concrete plans to obtain that integration. Thank you so much for your patience in the meantime, it means so much to the whole Mysa team!

  13. Landry T Bertsch

    Just curious as to when to expect smartthings integration now that its Septemeber and was supposed to be integrated in July?

    1. Matthew

      Hey Landry,

      I’m the developer that worked on the SmartThings integration so I can speak to this. Samsung launched a new platform for developing integrations earlier this year while suspending the previous. They still haven’t finished developing certification, so unfortunately we can’t publish it until they do. It’s expected to be available in early November. This is as frustrating for us as it is for our customers, as the development has long been finished on our end.

      Hope your still excited for the integration!

  14. Mauricio

    Hi there … any news about the “Native Geolocation” feature ?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Hi Mauricio,

      The plan is for that to come out during Q1 2019. I hope that helps!

  15. Nikolai

    Hi, can you please alaborate on “Refined Thermostat Display Control” which is to be released in Q4 2018? Also, will it be a software update which will be pushed out to existing thermostats, or only new once will have it?
    Thank you

    1. Rebecca Collins


      That means we plan on making the brightness control easier in our app! It will be a software update that will simply be pushed out. I hope that helps!

  16. Mark

    Hi. Any updates on when the energy charting feature will be activated for users? I’m really looking forward to determining what portion of my power bill is for heating!

  17. Jonathan Colvin

    Loving my 5 mysa. Wrt brightness control, hopefully the new brightness setting will allow down to 1-2% …10% is too bright for a dark bedroom at night

  18. Ryan Neff

    I heard that Smartthings was rolling out the new device certification process this month. Have ya’all had a chance to revise the Smartthings integration timeline?

  19. Rick Horocholyn

    I don’t see anything here for an option to offer non-cycling mode. It was indicated elsewhere in your web site that several enquiries have been made for a line voltage, non-cycling wifi thermostat but it does seem to be part of any plan going forward. My need is to control a steam boiler, which has its own control panel for the gas valve, draft fan, and combustion air interlock, so I don’t have much of a load for the thermostat to manage. But it’s important that when the thermostat calls for heat that its signal does not cycle at all. It seems to me that this would be a small programming change to make, yet no one yet offers that mode of operation in a line-voltage ‘stat.

    1. Brad Pretty

      We currently do not offer such a mode and nothing like that is currently planned for our product that’s on the market right now.

  20. Tonia

    Hi, I also would really love the multiuser and min/max set point features since I have many tenants, limited ability for them on the app would be so helpful! Wondering when would these features come out? Thanks!

    1. Brad Pretty

      Hey Tonia,

      Working hard on those features as we speak. For now, the rough timeline is in the new year.

      1. Tonia

        Hi, would we be able to see the multiuser and set point feature before summer?

        1. Brad Pretty

          All signs right now point to yes. We should be rolling these features in beta within the next month or so.

          1. Tonia

            Hi again! It’s going close to the heating season now. As said that we would be seeing the multiuser and set point features in the summer I wonder when would we actually see it because that would be super helpful, we’ve been waiting for it for so long!

  21. Ajey Nath

    I’ve been waiting months for SmartThings integration and was hoping to have a solution for this winter. When do you expect “Samasun approval” to occur? Why not release the code so that we can use it via SmartThings IDE?

    1. Brad Pretty


      We’re anticipating it as much as anyone at this point. We’re following up and will hopefully have news very soon.

  22. Cody Brown

    Ajey is right. Why not release a direct API so people can do whatever they want. Doesn’t seem to be a hard feature since you support so many other interfaces. I would love even a limited direct API feature to integrate Mysa into my personal smart home server setup.

    1. Brad Pretty

      Hey Cody,

      It’s certainly a requested feature and it’s something our product team has noted for the future. Right now we’re focused on fulfilling our roadmap as it stands.

  23. Warren

    I know Mysa doesn’t support radiant floor heating right now. However, as I am sure you’re already aware, there aren’t many smart line voltage thermostats and basically none that support radiant floors (unless you live in EMEA). Any real “roadmapable” chance that the hardware could be expanded to support an external floor sensor plus the little bit of controls to manage the floor and air temps?

    1. Brad Pretty

      In floor will not be an addition to the current Mysa product. However, keep your eye out – we’ve got a lot of things in the works.

      1. Eric M

        Sounds as though there might be other products in the works. By chance would a higher rated wattage thermostat be one of those? Out of the 9 available rooms with compatible wiring one (the only one I don’t have a MYSA Thermostat on) is a larger room running on a 30 amp breaker and I am pretty certain above the 3800 max wattage of the current available thermostat.

      2. Eric M

        Does that mean more products on the horizon? Any chance for a higher wattage thermostat? I have 9 available rooms (8 of which already have a MYSA Thermostat) and one room is too large and on a 30 amp breaker. I’m almost certain that it would go over the max current wattage.

        1. Brad Pretty

          My lips are sealed! But, we’re a growing company with a lot on the Horizon. Right now there’s no plan to up the wattage, though.

  24. Slat3r

    I hope SmartThing integration will come out before the end of this year.

    1. Brad Pretty

      The process, admittedly, has taken longer than anticipated for a number of reasons. But we’re working diligently to make it happen.

  25. Mike J

    Any plans to support 4,000 watts or more? Currently my primary room heater is a 4,000 watt wall heater on a 30 Amp circuit, and as enticing as your thermostats are, I can’t use them.

    1. Brad Pretty

      No plans as of right now.

      1. Eric Addison

        Come on! 4000 watts!!!

        1. Brad Pretty

          I wish it were that easy but upping the wattage for a small minority of cases just isn’t feasible when we have to deal with things like Certifications etc. Not to say it won’t happen, but it’s not on the table right now.

  26. Jean-Baptiste Faure

    A very simple feature I d like to seem is to display on the thermostat itself when the heating is onm maybe lighting the up arrow LEDs
    Would be useful just to know that a heater kicked in

    1. Brad Pretty

      This is a commonly requested feature and it’s planned for a future firmware update.

    2. Muji

      This would be very useful.
      Hopefully won’t require new hardware.

  27. Trill

    Will you come out with a version to support 20A @ 240V?

    1. Brad Pretty

      That’s not currently planned, but we’re constantly innovating so never say never.

  28. Mike

    Will there be the ability to use remote sensors like ecobee sensors to regulate heat when the Mysa stat is located to close to another heat source like AV equipment or a sunny window

    1. Brad Pretty

      I don’t believe that is possible off the top of my head. However, there’s a lot you can do through our IFTTT integration so I would look into that for more advanced automation possibilities.

  29. Andrew

    Hey guys, could you tell me if the thermostat could be paired with a smart switch to turn on and off with the humidity reading on the MYSA?

    1. Brad Pretty

      Not with a smart switch, but that’s possible with our IFTTT integration.

  30. Pierre Cossette

    I just bought three mysa thermostat and I’m wondering if there is a way to connect the MYSA thermostat throught local domotic opensource system like Calaos, Domoticz, etc.

    1. Brad Pretty

      We get a lot of requests for open source support and it’s not on the table as of yet. But there’s a lot of work left to be done, so never say never.

  31. Andy

    Does Myra have any plans to launch a 30 amp thermostat. I changed 7 of my thermostats to Mysa, but my 8th and final thermostat supplies 4500 watt (240v). I would love to implement a safe solution for my remaining thermostat

    1. Brad Pretty

      No plans as of right now, sorry.

  32. Ryan Neff

    I notice the Mysa integration only works with the new Smartthings App. Is there any plans to integrate Mysa with the Smartthings Classic app?

  33. Ethan Neskey

    Have a hydronic forced fan heater. Building pumps hot water through in winter and cold water through in summer. Mysa works perfectly in the winter but seems it won’t in the summer. Any plans for a cool mode so that it will turn on the convector fan when setpoint is lower than current room temp?

    1. Brad Pretty

      There are no plans as of right now to support cooling with the existing Mysa product, but future products may have cooling compatibility!

  34. David Rothmant

    I installed my mysa devices into smartthings and it does not show one of the thermostats as offline. The mysa app shows one of them offline. Question: does the smartthings integration provide an indicator when a thermostat is disconnected from the smartthings hub ?

    1. Simon Mac odemba

      Hello there David, as of right now our smartthings integration can only send and receive set point data and humidity readings! Unfortunately, as of now, you would have to use the Mysa app for this information.

  35. Tony Matamoros

    I have radiant ceiling cable heat. Is there any chance that the mysa will work with it? On your website it says yes but when you use compatibility app it says no. I’m confused.

    1. Brad Pretty

      Radiant ceiling is a weird one because it’s high voltage heating but the wiring may not be exactly right for Mysa. It’s a case by case basis.

      Your best bet it is to share a picture with and explain your situation. They should be able to give you more insight.

  36. Richelle

    Does Mysa work with any automation companies like Control4 or Savant?

    1. Brad Pretty

      As of right now Mysa does not integrate natively with these platforms.

  37. Leslie

    When do we expecting this feature to release?
    Min/Max Setpoint Lockout
    This is extremely important to people who use it in rental units. Thanks!

    1. Simon Mac odemba

      Hey Leslie! we are currently working on Min/Max set point lockouts. Expect this functionality in the fall!

      1. Ross

        I’m really looking forward to this feature. Is it still on track for Fall 2019?

  38. preeti

    Great content you have on this blog portal. very helpful for mechanical engineering students


    I’m also disappointed with the lack of features with IFTTT. To start, I just want the ability to have MYSA push a notification to my phone if the temperature is outside a given range. That’s pretty basic, and no reason it should be taking years to develop. (Yes, I’m an engineer and developer.)

    We would love to to recommend your product with our energy management services, but right now the analytics offerings are far too limited.

  40. dummyinput

    Hi I really like your product. It’s looks great and is pretty much the only (commercial) option for high power applications like baseboards. I understand the drive to focus on easy to use integrations like smarththings, however for those of us that like to have full control of our IOT devices, the only options are non-internet connected systems with a standard open interface like MQTT, which can interface with local management systems like Home Assistant.
    Please add support for MQTT or at least an open REST API that users can build on top without any internet/account connected requirements. This will cater to an ever increasing clientele of users who are more privacy minded.
    I suspect if no standard support is added someone will be tempted to start ‘hacking’ away at your device and potentially putting other users at risk by providing a less than stellar implementations of it.
    thank you.

    1. jaggles

      You can use it with Home Assistant through the homekit_controller component. But I agree, MQTT would be better.

  41. Mike

    My “Smart Phone” isn’t very smart and has trouble with Apps. I’d like to be able to control the thermostat from my desktop. Is there an app for that?

  42. Mathew

    We have a SmartThings hub in the house already, and have a few multi-sensors in the crawlspace.
    Obviously, I try and keep it as cool down there as possible and so when out of town I’d like to respond to low temp in the crawlspace (happens when very windy out) by raising the thermostat setpoint. Can all that be done via the SmartThings app?

    1. Alexander Chafe

      Hey Mathew. You would be able to raise your thermostat setpoint through the SmartThings app. However, please reach out to our support team at to confirm that Mysa would be compatible with your home.

  43. Karim

    Any plans to integrate with Brilliant Smart Home Control System (

    1. Alexander Chafe

      Hey Karim, thanks for your interest in Mysa. Unfortunately, we have no plans for this integration at the time.

  44. Myron Gates

    My house has a lot of two wire baseboard heaters. And yes there is only TWO wires and not a couple more tucked in the back of the gang box 🙂
    Are you guys planning a solution for this? I have 5 Mysas installed and would like to install another 5.

    1. Alexander Chafe

      Hey, Myron! Unfortunately, we have no immediate plans to create a product that’s compatible with two-wire systems. However, who knows what the future will bring!

      Meanwhile, thanks for the support, we really appreciate it 🙂

  45. Bryce Wilkinson

    Would love to use this, but without API access so other hubs can tie in, it’s a nogo.

    1. Alexander Chafe

      Hey, Bruce! This is something that our team has discussed adding, however, we cannot provide a launch date at this time.

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