Get paid by your electric utility provider.

You can earn $50 per year in BC Hydro’s Peak Rewards program.

What is a demand response program?
Demand response (DR) programs are innovative, consumer-led initiatives that use connected technology (like smart thermostats) to work with local electrical utility providers to help lessen the strain on our communities’ electrical grids.
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While DR programs can vary from utility to utility, they usually look like this:
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Our 3 pillars of demand response
At Mysa, we’re helping to build the future energy grid, and we’re doing it by putting homeowners first.
As a Mysa user, you will never be automatically enrolled into a DR program without your consent, even if your utility provider has a program in place.
Our system is specifically built so that you will never be locked out of controlling your Mysas.
During any Mysa DR event, you can override changes at any time if you notice a difference in your comfort level.
Small changes, big impact.
By working together to make small changes to our home heating and cooling use, we can ensure that peak demand is met without causing blackouts/brownouts, and that fewer costly, fossil fuel-using “peaker plants“ are needed.
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