Looking for a Mysa Promo Code?

Looking for a Mysa Promo Code?

Find a better way to control your electric baseboard heaters, in-floor heating, ductless AC, or mini split heat pump. Smart thermostats make life easier and help you save!
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Save More With Smart Thermostat Rebates

With utility rebates, you can save even more on the purchase of smart thermostats. We’ve done our best to collect a list of smart thermostat rebates eligible for Mysa products**.

And bonus, rebates are stackable with your 10% off Mysa promo code!

Select your state or province below to learn about what Mysa thermostat rebates are available in your area.

**Rebate programs change daily, so we encourage you to contact your local government or utility to ask about any additional rebates for the purchase and installation of smart thermostats. While we do our best to keep this information accurate and up to date, we are not liable for any changes in rebate offerings.