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Save up to 30% on your commercial energy bill
Mysa HQ is an easy to use web application for managing all the thermostats in your commercial, retail or multifamily buildings.
Web-based energy management for all your thermostats
With Mysa HQ, you get complete control and visibility over your operations’ HVAC systems.
    Who Benefits from Mysa HQ?
    Who Benefits from Mysa HQ?
    Discover how your
    can manage energy costs with Mysa HQ.
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    Unprecendented Insights and Control
    Remote Access to Thermostats
    Monitor and control all your thermostats via Wifi in real time.
    Robust Scheduling
    Set bulk schedules or location-specific ones, or even holiday overrides. Customization is at the core of Mysa HQ.
    Energy Reports & Insights
    See energy usage, temperature and manual overrides on a per location level.
    Min/Max Setpoints
    Easily set lockouts so employees or occupants can’t go out of bounds with their energy usage.
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    Powered by the award winning Zen Smart Thermostat
    Powered by the award winning Zen Smart Thermostat
    Easy to use hardware
    The Zen Smart Thermostat is the cornerstone of Mysa HQ, and all it requires is a Wifi connection at your site.
    Up and running in a day
    Your site manager can install it in one day, with extensive documentation available to support your team.
    No interruption to your operations
    Your team can continue without interruption to your operations or routines during the install.