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About Mysa

We’re keeping you cozy and helping you create a sustainable, electric future for our planet — one smart thermostat at a time.

Comfort without compromise
Mysa was co-founded in 2016 by brothers Josh and Zach Green in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Their mission? Make smart home energy management tech that keeps folks comfortable and builds a better future for our planet.

From the first Mysa prototype built in their parents basement (classic), to a growing ecosystem of energy-saving smart thermostats for electric heating or cooling, Josh, Zach, and the Mysa team are helping make change comfortable in homes across North America.

Explore our milestones to learn more about how we’ve grown.
Mysa Milestones
From basement nerd lair backstory to life in the hearts and homes of our cozy family of customers.
Tech startup incubators invest. Prototype smart thermostat for electric baseboard heaters is built. Mysa is born : )
Mysa HQ goes carbon-neutral. Venture capital firms invest, the team grows exponentially. Preorders for Mysa for Baseboard Heaters pour in.
Mysa for Baseboards ships. Mysa for In-Floor Heating enters dev stage. Innovative Demand Response pilot launches, team celebrates record growth.
Team Mysa goes fully remote. Mysa for In-Floor Heating goes to market. 3rd product, Mysa for AC and Mini-Split Heat Pumps, enters development and preorder.
Mysa for AC and Mini-Split Heat Pumps hits the market. 2nd-gen Baseboard product nears completion. Utility rebate partnerships flourish, the team continues to grow.
Mysa for Baseboard Heaters V2 launches to wild success. Company posts record $20 million Series B fundraise, team growth skyrockets.
Stay tuned for news as we keep a good thing growing.
From Our Team
The Mysa team is dedicated, diverse, and determined to lead locally and globally in developing smart home tech that helps our customers AND our planet.
Here’s what inspires our peeps to keep crushing it.
Moustafa (He/Him)
“*Cue car ad music* A vital mission, a performant team, a great culture — all homegrown in Newfoundland and Labrador. I believe that we’re working towards a goal that our planet’s future depends on. We have the tools to act quickly on our mission, and the people to make it a fun and memorable experience along the way. That’s what makes Mysa so special!

Seriously, though — I worked at a bunch of tech companies before I graduated in 2019, from tiny startups to a tech giant. I joined Mysa when we were just 20 employees, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Seeing how far we’ve come and knowing where we’re headed? I can’t think of anything more rewarding! :)”
Katy (She/They)
“I started my career at a company with close ties to the oil & gas industry, then went back to school knowing that I wanted to work with an organization whose values better reflected my own. Mysa was the perfect fit, and I’m SO happy I made the move when I did! Joining a team where everyone is not only supportive and fun, but also excited about developing tech for a greener world, has left me feeling more satisfied and fulfilled than any of my previous roles.”
Sarah (She/Her)
“Making the switch to Mysa from a more corporate environment was a win in many ways for me! Going from strict schedules and tracked time off to a flexible remote work policy with unlimited vacation was very attractive to me, as I believe it is for many younger employees these days.

Mysa’s people-first culture keeps me motivated, invested in team success, and has had an incredibly positive impact on my personal life and relationships. I’m learning about sustainable resources and becoming more aware of the choices we can all make to create a greener future — it feels great to know that my work is making a real contribution to fighting climate change.”
Interested in joining the Mysa team? We’re on the hunt for future-minded folks to grow with us.
Check out our Careers page — you might just find your dream job.
Mysa’s Green Team
When we’re not in our Super Top Secret product dev lab, transfixed by testing, or deep in creative collab, you’ll find Mysa’s Green Team getting hands-on with awesome events like:
  • Local community clean-ups
  • Recycling seminars
  • Veggie-growing competitions
  • Sustainable holiday planning
  • Clothing upcycling/swaps
  • …and more!
Our Green Team helps us stay engaged in our shared responsibility to keep our HQ proudly carbon-neutral, and stretch our sustainability legs beyond our workplace.
Small change = real impact

Our smart thermostats have saved
in equivalent greenhouse gas emissions.
Mysa Smart Thermostats have saved over
kilowatt hours of home energy.
That’s enough to power 10,000 homes for a full year.
Let’s keep it growing.
The future is electric
Josh Green CEO, Mysa Smart Thermostats
“Our team is passionate about keeping our customers comfortable at home while we work together to advance the global shift toward electrification.

We’re incredibly excited to keep creating smart tech that helps our family of customers make easy, future-focused home energy management choices.”
Climate change demands response
Real change for our planet’s future demands real action today.

We’re working with electrical utility providers on Demand Response pilot programs that empower Mysa customers to help balance our electrical grids through smarter energy use during peak demand times.
What does it mean? Our customers stay comfortable and save on their electricity bills while stabilizing our electrical grids and helping lower carbon emissions.

We’re working on expanding our DR programs and partnerships with utilities across North America to help our customers save energy (and the planet).
Savings. Sustainability. Smart.
Our Roadmap
It’s not just about where we’re doing right now — we’re always focused on what’s next.

Wondering what’s on the horizon for our team of energy-saving superheroes? Check out our Roadmap to see where we’re headed.