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‘Best Smart Thermostat of the Year’ 2021
We've warmed many hearts.
Simply Perfect
I bought two of them, one for the living area; one for the basement. The Mysa thermostat is an example of a product that we unfortunately don’t see that much anymore: perfectly designed with very nice “Apple-like” looks, well built and packed with everything you need including an excellent little manual. You just cannot go wrong.
Henk de Jong
| Amazon Canada
We've warmed many hearts..

Comme propriétaire, j'adore avoir la possibilité de vérifier la consigne du thermostat en temps réel, lorsque je constate que les fenêtres de mon locataire reste ouvertes de façon abusive par temps froid. Ça me permet de vérifier que le chauffage est baisser ou pas et ça pourrait même me permettre de modifier manuellement la consigne via Wi-Fi (descendre).">The iOS install app made this a painless install — love this product!
Not only is it idiot-proof for a wiring novice like me (!), the pictures make for easy visual identification of what to do. The install was fast (under 30 minutes) and easy.
Anthony E.
| Amazon Canada
Nous avons réchauffé des cœurs partout...
Easy to install and connect!
So easy to install! I’m a Heating and Cooling technician and this high voltage smart thermostat is a must have for any cottage, 2nd home, business, or any place with electric baseboard heaters!
Randall O.
| Amazon
We've warmed many hearts....
Mysa’s very promising
Love those units for the price. Their support is about the best you’ll encounter in the industry.
Gabriel B.
We've warmed many hearts.....
Must Have For Baseboard Heaters
Bought my first 2 by pre-order when they started up and have bought 2 more on Amazon since, works very well and looks good. iPhone app is so easy to use to adjust temperature and set schedules. Since using it I’ve saved probably 35% on my electricity bill over the same period last year since installing these thermostats.
| Amazon Canada


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