Control your home’s heating or cooling with a single thermostat app.

Mysa’s free thermostat app for Android and iOS works with all Mysa Smart Thermostats. Stay in full control of your home’s climate, wherever you are.

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Free app. No fees (for real).
All the features.
Mysa Smart Thermostats are designed to help you save in ways that really matter. Explore our app features that help you save energy, money, and the planet.
Save money (and the environment) through energy efficiency.
Get 24/7 peace of mind with full remote thermostat control from anywhere.
Stay cozy and perfectly comfortable at home, no matter the season.
Control thermostats remotely (from anywhere)
As the fight against climate change continues, the world is moving toward electrification. At Mysa, we understand that small changes can have a big impact. We’re helping lead the global shift to an electric future by making energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for your home.
Save Money. Save the planet.
Easy Scheduling, easy savings.
Scheduling is a breeze with Mysa’s thermostat app. With a few quick taps, you can create custom (or templated) heating or cooling thermostat schedules for every Mysa Smart Thermostat in your home. Use Eco-Mode to automatically lower temperatures and boost your savings.
Geofencing thermostat control. Stop paying to heat or cool the neighbourhood.
Dad was right — it’s not cool to pay for energy you’re not using. Create healthy boundaries with Mysa’s Geofencing thermostat app feature to use home energy only when needed, never when not. Use Shortcuts to apply away and vacation settings to all your Mysas with a single tap.
Chart a course for energy savings.*
The Mysa thermostat app tracks your kWh usage per thermostat, giving you easy-to-read monthly reports on how much you’re spending to heat each room, Zone, or your whole home. Real data = making smarter heating decisions to lower your electricity bill.
*Baseboard and In-Floor only
Your wish is our (voice) command.
The Mysa app integrates fully with your favourite smart home platform or voice assistant, giving you control of your home heating or cooling using voice commands. Talk about smart.
View supported voice commands
Manage multiple homes with minimal effort.
Own (or manage) a cottage or Airbnb? Mysa’s thermostat app saves you time by giving you full remote control of multiple properties. Security features like Lockout Mode and Max/Min give you peace of mind knowing that your electricity bills won’t go through the roof while you’re busy being awesome.
Multi thermostat zone control. Group up and get in the zone.*
Managing multiple Mysas in one home? Use the Mysa app to control thermostats from your phone individually, or streamline your energy savings by grouping Mysas together with the Zoning feature.
Learn more about Zones
*Coming soon for In-Floor and Air Conditioners!
Learn more about Zones
*Coming soon for In-Floor and Air Conditioners!
Share access (only if you want to).
You’re always in control of your home’s heating or cooling with Mysa’s thermostat app, but sometimes it’s nice to share. The Shared Access feature gives others the ability to control your thermostats and app — only if you want to.
Mysa means ‘cozy’. Stay that way.
The Mysa mobile app’s smart features don’t just help you save money while saving the planet — they’re designed to keep you and your family perfectly cozy, 24/7. Home energy savings have never felt more comfortable.
Mysa = the art of cozy
Mysa (pronounced “Mee-sah”) means ‘cozy’ in Swedish.
To us, it means feeling good about doing good.
The perfect temperature at the perfect time.
When it comes to energy savings, ‘thermostat crank’ can break the bank. Mysa’s WiFi thermostat app Early On feature uses learning algorithms to start pre-heating or cooling at the perfect time, hitting your Scheduled temperature exactly when you need it.
Learn more about Early On
*Coming soon for In-Floor and Air Conditioners!
Learn more about Early On
*Coming soon for In-Floor and Air Conditioners!
Better climate, better comfort.
The Mysa thermostat app’s Climate Insights feature monitors relative humidity and ambient temperature in your home, helping you keep your family’s climate comfort top of mind.
One app to rule them all.
It doesn’t take a wizard to know that one smart thermostat app can make life easier. Whether you’re looking for a thermostat app for underfloor heating, electric baseboard heating, or an AC and mini-split heat pump app, Mysa has a product for you. Shop our ecosystem of smart thermostats with app control now.
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Always getting better (#AGB)
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