Save energy.
Stay comfortable.

Save up to 26% on your home energy bill using Mysa.
Saving energy has never been more comfortable.
Mysa is thoughtfully-designed (in Canada, eh?) to help you maximize your energy savings with minimal effort.
It’s your turn to spend less on home energy.
of Mysa customers said their comfort increased (or stayed the same) while using our energy-saving features.*
Meet Alex.
Alex lives with cold winters and hot summers. He installed Mysas in his home in 2017 and has been saving on his energy bill since then — 54% (and counting)!
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Home is where the smart is.
Smart energy savings begin at home.
We built the Mysa app with a simple goal — to help our customers stay cozy while saving energy.
Welcome to home energy
savings from the ground up.
Your home’s temperature stays perfectly comfortable while you save, day and night.
Energy Charting
Seeing where you’re saving means knowing what’s working (and where you can save even more).
Home/Away/Vacation Modes
You’re set up to save, whether you’re relaxing at home, out running errands, or exploring the world.
Multiple Mysas add up to bigger savings — group and control Mysas throughout your home.
Get the most out of your Mysa by using our energy-saving features.
Over half of our customers see savings on their monthly electricity bills simply by using one or two of our app’s intuitive features.*
Ready to tap into energy savings in your home? Start getting the most out of your Mysa today.
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Mysa customers save on their energy bills — you can too.*
Finally! A smart thermostat for baseboard heating!
By installing 2 Mysas and creating a zone, I’m able to regulate temperature and make my home super comfortable without running around all day to to adjust the thermostats.
- Lisa M.
Very, very happy!
I replaced my ancient analog units with Mysa smart thermostats — my average winter heating bill went from USD $300 to USD $120. Score! Happy to share my news of energy savings.
- Daniel B.
The BEST baseboard thermostat
I gave Mysa a try to cut down my electricity bills and while maintaining a comfortable temperature. Everything works perfectly. Worth your MONEY, your TIME and ENERGY.
- Loujein M.
How much can you save with Mysa?
Find out how much energy you could save by installing Mysa Smart Thermostats in your home.**
You Spent
1x Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric Baseboard Heaters
• FREE shipping
• DIY installation
You Could Save
• Savings calculated over a 10 year period at $0.12/kWh
• Based on a temperature setback of for 8 hours a day
• Home built to average building codes
Energy Savings Calculator
Your Energy Price:
This information is on your energy bill.
Mysa Quantity:
The number of Mysa Smart Thermostats installed in your home.
Advanced Options
On  |  Off
Avg. Setback Temperature:
How many degrees below your ideal comfort temperature you set while away.
Avg. Setback Length:
How many hours your thermostat would stay at the setback temperature.
Potential Savings:
While every home is unique, we believe there is always room for energy savings. Mysa works with you to keep things cozy while you reduce your electricity bill.
Look forward to your energy bill.
It’s comforting to know that with minimal effort, you can take control of how and when you heat your home. With Mysa, small changes can add up quickly to create a big impact on your monthly energy bill.
Saving energy means saving money. We’re here for it.

for Electric Baseboard Heaters*

2400+ reviews
*see other compatible systems

for Electric In-Floor Heating

110+ reviews
Energy savings, guaranteed.
We believe we’ve built a smart thermostat that will help you save by using home energy more efficiently.
If you are not satisfied with your energy savings after using your Mysa Smart Thermostats, you can return them for a full refund — risk-free satisfaction guaranteed.
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*Based on a Customer Panel Survey of over 700 Mysa customers across North America conducted in 2020.
**Based on conservative savings estimate of 10%.