Get Mysa Smart Thermostats for as low as $119/unit
Claim your $20/unit utility rebate courtesy of Avista Utilities.
Mysa Smart Thermostats Pay for Themselves
With Mysa’s easy-to-use mobile app features, you can save up to 26% on your monthly energy bill. Buying Mysas at low rebate pricing means an even bigger return on your investment.

for Electric Baseboard Heaters

/unit (with
online rebate)

for Electric In-Floor Heating

/unit (with
online rebate)
How to claim your rebate:
Step 1:
Purchase your eligible Mysa Smart Thermostat(s) online at
Step 2:
Fill out Avista's online rebate form.
Step 3:
Enjoy the energy savings on your utility bill!
Program Details
Customer Requirements

Must be a current Avista Utilities residential customer, with electric heat provided by Avista.

Homeowners are responsible for complying with all applicable codes and regulations.

Rebates are paid directly to the homeowner or the homeowner can authorize payment release to contractors.

Credit: Allow up to 7 days for processing and payment of rebate.

Check: Allow up to 4-6 weeks for processing and payment of rebate.

Maximum of 5 (five) smart thermostat rebates per primary heat source per Avista residential customer account.

Customers are encouraged to check their compatibility with Mysa prior to purchase to ensure that our products will work with their heating system.

Rebate Requirements

Professionally provided and installed smart thermostats are also eligible.

Your rebate application must be submitted within 90 (ninety) days of equipment purchase date.

The residential rebates are available for primary residential multifamily and small homes.

Avista reserves the right to verify installation of the energy efficiency measure(s) prior to payment and will coordinate inspection as applicable.

Avista, and its agents, may upon reasonable notice, request access to customers’ premises after payment, for evaluation and measurement purposes.

Rebates will not exceed 100% of the actual measure cost.

Applicable for new construction and existing homes but not for seasonal or recreational homes or condos.

Required Documentation

Your Avista account number and an electronic image of your paid installation invoice or purchase receipt with manufacturer/brand and model number.

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