The Future is Electric.
And it’s Powered by Mysa.

Widespread electrification is here. Mysa offers our utility partners a robust demand-side management solution for electric heating and cooling.

Empowering Utilities with Solutions Homeowners Love
Installed in 100,000+ happy homes across North America, Mysa is the most-loved consumer choice for smart electric resistance and heat pump controls.
Supporting Your DSM Program Goals
We work with you and your aggregator of choice to easily add and manage enrolled devices in your demand response program.
DSM Program Enrolment & Marketing
As a leading consumer brand, we’ll work with you to engage compatible homeowners and maximize enrolment and customer satisfaction.
Flexible and Custom Instant Rebate Support
We can partner with your marketplace of choice, or add a customized instant rebate program to our getmysa shop.
Low Income Support
With tailored pricing for low income programs, we make sure that cutting back on kWhs is affordable and attainable for all your customers.
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Hunting the Climate Gigacorn - The Next Big Winners In The Decarbonization Economy.

Mysa named as a future “Gigacorn” - a company with the potential to help power grids save over a gigaton of energy.

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Case Study: Instant Rebates in BC

We’ve fostered long-term partnerships with leading utilities like BC Hydro, implementing an instant rebate program through our store.

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Mysa Partners with Autogrid

In 2022, we announced a new partnership with leading aggregator Autogrid to build Virtual Power Plants and offer utilities a turnkey solution for Demand Side Management.

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Mysa for Mini-splits can reduce peak load by 50%

In a study conducted by Larson Energy Research, the Mysa for Mini-splits showed the potential of reducing peak load per system by 50%, or 500W.

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Mysa cuts back on kWhs.
Smart Access to Smart Thermostats
Mysa users manage their homes’ heating and cooling from anywhere using the Mysa app.
Smart Scheduling & Geofencing
Mysa users decide when to heat and cool their home with flexible, saved schedules and location based geofencing features.
Energy Insights
With detailed, in-app charts and monthly energy emails, Mysa users can tap into their home’s energy use and make informed, responsible changes.
Minimum & Maximum Setpoints
Mysa users can control their comfort with customized preferences for each room.
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