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The most-loved smart thermostat for electric heating or cooling
The most-loved smart thermostat for electric heating or cooling
Comfort, convenience, and savings have never looked better.
4.7 stars | 6500+ reviews >
Smart Thermostat for
Electric Baseboard Heaters*
4.6 | 3300+ reviews >
$149 $149
Smart Thermostat for
AC and Mini-Split Heat Pumps
4.0 | 160+ reviews >
$139 $139
Smart Thermostat for
Electric In-Floor Heating
4.5 | 180+ reviews >
$199 $199
100,000+ homeowners are already living
more comfortably with Mysa.
I want Mysa to help me:
Carlos Reyes
“Before Mysa, we were manually adjusting our old thermostats
and our hydro bills were crazy. Now we can control our heat remotely, have smart home integration, and use geofencing to suit our schedules. And no more worrying about the temperature in the baby’s room!”
Energy savings. Guaranteed.
Energy savings. Guaranteed.
Saving on home electricity is smart.
Our thoughtfully-designed smart line voltage thermostats help homeowners stay comfortable while spending less on home electricity. We guarantee it.
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Get Mysa for less with utility rebates
Get Mysa for less with utility rebates
It’s smart to save more.
Check for utility rebates in your area that can help you save on your Mysa purchase.
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They like us. They really like us.
We have the best customers. Seriously.
With 6500+ product-wide ratings and growing, our customers are our biggest fans.
‘Best Smart Thermostat
of the Year’
IoT Breakthrough Award
Control from anywhere.
Life’s busy. Our easy mobile app and WiFi-controlled smart thermostats lets you control thermostats remotely from anywhere in the world. It’s about peace of mind and saving energy in all the ways that matter most.
Tap into comfort, convenience, and home energy savings
Whether you’re holding down home base or out taking care of business, our WiFi-enabled smart thermostats for electric heating or cooling keep cozy control and easy energy savings right at your fingertips.
Our smart thermostats have saved
in equivalent greenhouse gas emissions.
If you’re counting, that’s kWhrs of home energy saved by Mysa Smart Thermostats. That number is growing every day because our customers care about our planet’s future.
Bravo. : )
Saving the planet, one smart thermostat at a time.
Saving the planet, one smart thermostat at a time.
Mysa was founded on a clear mission: to fight climate change through energy efficiency.
Our smart thermostats help customers reduce their impact on the environment while reducing their monthly electricity costs. Discover our mission to help build a more sustainable future, starting now.
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Mysa = the art of cozy
Mysa (pronounced “Mee-sah”) means ‘cozy’ in Swedish.
To us, it means feeling good about doing good.
Plays well with others
Our Canadian-designed smart thermostats work with your favourite smart home platforms and home assistants.
Whole home control. One app.
Mysa Smart Thermostats controlled by your phone work together in one easy-to-use thermostat app. Take advantage of bundle pricing to replace your home’s inefficient thermostats and maximize your energy savings.
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Mysa for Baseboards V2
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Always getting better (#AGB)
Always getting better (#AGB)
It’s the Mysa way of life. #AGB is one of our core values, constantly driving us to improve our products and our customer experience. Explore our Roadmap or feel free to contact our team if you need help or have a great suggestion.
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