5 Easy Ways to Get the Most Energy Savings Out of Your Mysa


You wanted to upgrade your home by installing smart thermostats — so, you started with LOTS of product research. You read the reviews (so many reviews). You checked in with neighbours, friends, and family who had already installed them in their homes. Finally, you made up your mind to purchase a Canadian-designed smart thermostat built to help you save money, save our planet, and look great doing it. 

Sound familiar? We thought so : ) 

Whether you're a brand new member of the Mysa family (welcome!), or you've been enjoying Mysa(s) in your home for some time (thanks, friend!), we want to make sure that you are seeing the energy savings, comfort, and convenience that you and your family deserve! From our family to yours, here are our top five easy ways to get the most energy savings out of your Mysa.

Install Mysas Where You Want to Save Energy

An illustration of heating in multiple zones of a home

While every home is unique, there is always room to save energy by getting smarter about how and when you use energy. High-traffic or often-used rooms in your home — your living room, kitchen, bathroom(s), bedrooms, and office — are clearly great places to install Mysas for electric baseboards or in-floor heating for smart energy savings. 

But what about the rest of your house? We're talking about those often notoriously energy-sucking spaces, like craft rooms, children's playrooms, storage rooms, and work areas like basements and garages. You and your family might not use these spaces as often as some others, but the odds are good that you're still paying to heat them — even when you don't have to. Let's work together to change that!

Installing Mysas in the rooms where you want to save the most energy — even those sneaky ‘energy vampire' rooms! — and fully utilizing the Mysa app's range of intuitive, energy-saving features is your first step on the road to smart energy savings.

Home Energy Savings on Your Schedule

Creating a heating schedule in the Mysa app

You and your family are big believers in the power and value of scheduling in your daily lives. If you've been spending more time at home recently, you've likely become more aware of how changes to your daily rhythms can impact your home energy use. Also, as warmer weather approaches, our home heating habits tend to change. While fluctuating home energy use can often result in higher costs, there is great news. As a Mysa owner, you have the power to take full control of how and when you heat your home using the Mysa app! 

Scheduling is definitely one of our top five energy-saving features. Unlike programmable thermostats, smart thermostats like Mysa make scheduling easy. The Scheduling feature in the Mysa app is designed to help you easily keep your home cozy exactly when you need it to be (and never when you don't), using your smartphone or tablet. 

If you're new to the Scheduling feature, here's a quick how-to:

  1. First, make sure you have the Mysa app installed on your chosen smart device, then open the app.
  2. On the Home screen, tap the card of the thermostat or Heating Zone (more on Zones later!)  for which you wish to create (or change) a schedule.
  3. In the bottom row of icons of the Thermostat screen, tap the Schedule icon.
  4. If there are previously scheduled events, the setpoint temperature and time for each event will be displayed under each day of the week.
    • To adjust an existing event's setpoint or time, simply tap on the setpoint or time of the event, use the pop-up window to change it and your changes will be saved automatically.
    • To create a new event, just tap the Add Event button, set the event time, pick the days you want the event to happen, set your desired temperature, and tap Save.


Scheduling Pro Tips

Remember, each individual Mysa thermostat in your home can have its own schedule, so if you have four thermostats you can have four different schedules! Use a Schedule if you have a set work or school schedule, or regular activities where you know you leave and return the same time each day. Your schedule changed? No worries! You can change your Schedule at any time from anywhere, or use a Shortcut to Vacation mode (more on that later).

Get in the Zone for Bigger Energy Savings

Using zone control in the Mysa app

As you're already aware, a major benefit of having an electric baseboard heating system in your home is that you can easily control your heating in zones. Zoning your heating room-by-room — rather than by one central thermostat — allows you far greater control over how and when you heat your home. We generally think of Zones as groups of two or more thermostats in the same area, all following the same Schedule with the same set-point temperature.

How does Zone Control work for you? Essentially, creating heating zones with multiple Mysas provides a trifecta of positive effects: comfort, control, and savings! Keeping things cozy in multiple rooms in your home adds to your overall comfort in and enjoyment of the spaces you love most. Control means never having to run around the different rooms in your house, adjusting individual thermostats in rooms throughout your day. You see savings on your monthly energy bill when you create a Zone with multiple Mysas to use energy more efficiently.

If you already have multiple Mysas (or are considering adding more to maximize your comfort and savings) and haven't explored the Zone Control feature, here's a quick overview of how it works using your smartphone or tablet:

  1. Open the Mysa app and tap Menu, then tap Create Zones, then Start.
  2. On the ‘Name Your Zone' screen, tap the text input field to create the name for your Zone.
  3. Tap the rooms (thermostats) that you’d like to add to this Zone (a checkmark indicates that the room was added!).
  4. Tap Confirm, and you'll see a notification that you have successfully created a Zone! You can then either create another Zone or return to the Home menu.


Zone Control Pro Tips

If you decide to change a Zone by adding or removing a specific thermostat, or if you need to remove a Zone completely, the process is a breeze. Just select the Zone you want to change and follow the quick and easy steps in the Mysa app! Want to Zone your Mysas for baseboard AND in-floor? No problem — they love hanging out together : )

Take a Shortcut to Energy Savings 

Who doesn't love a good shortcut? They're often the quickest way to get somewhere you want to go — in this case, taking advantage of Shortcuts in your Mysa app is a fast track to easy energy savings. You're already in the savings game at home, but there's no need to stop saving when you leave the house, whether it's for an hour or two, a full day, or while you're on vacation near or far. 

Shortcuts give you the ability to set your thermostats to behave differently based on these three separate options: Home, Away, and Vacation. Basically, it means that your Mysa(s) work for you based on where you are at any given time, keeping you in control of your energy savings at all times. These items can quickly be activated from the homepage of your Mysa App or can automatically be activated with the Mysa Geofence feature.

Interested in exploring how Shortcuts can work for you? Here's the map for your path to savings using the Mysa app:

  1. Navigate to Manage Mysa Homes, select the home you wish to adjust, and select the Shortcuts section.
  2. From within the shortcut, you can begin by selecting what action is taken:
    1. Setpoint
      1. Tapping Setpoint will give you the option to set the desired temperature which the thermostat will go to when this action is initiated.
    2. Follow Schedule
      1. Tapping Follow Schedule will set the Mysa to automatically follow the schedule when the action is initiated.
    3. Hold
      1. Selecting Hold will allow you to hold a specific temperature for:
        1. 1 Hour
        2. 2 Hours
        3. Until you Change It
          1. This option acts as an indefinite hold and as such will ignore the thermostat’s schedule.
        4. Decide when Applying
          1. With this option, you will have the option to decide how long until the action is initiated.
  3. Once you have adjusted the Shortcut to your needs, tap Save to update your shortcuts.


Shortcuts Pro Tip

Remember — to activate your new Shortcuts, you will need to navigate to the Mysa Home screen, select the two squares in the top right corner, and select the Shortcut you wish to activate!

Chart a Course for Home Energy Savings

A screenshot of energy charting in the Mysa app

What's better than saving energy at home (no, this isn't a trick question)? Well, we think it seeing *exactly* how much and where you are saving, of course! The Energy Charting feature in the Mysa app is designed to give you a clear picture of how and when you tend to use energy. It's a real-time, easy-to-read analysis of exactly how much you are spending, how much you are saving, and where you can make adjustments to save even more by using energy more efficiently.

Small changes in how you use energy can add up to create big savings on not only your monthly energy bill. Don't forget — your energy consumption at home can also have a larger, positive impact on the health of our planet! Being conscious of your home heating trends and responding to them effectively gets a major boost from having the information at your fingertips (literally) that you need to make meaningful changes. They say knowledge is power — we couldn't agree more! 

Excited to see the bigger picture of your energy use and savings? Check out this quick tutorial on using the Energy Charting feature in your Mysa app:

  1. From your Mysa Home screen, select the appropriate thermostat, then tap the Energy Chart icon (it looks like a graph) at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Within the Energy Chart, you will be able to see the daily, weekly, and monthly usage of your thermostat. IMPORTANT: If you have not added an electricity rate, you will only see the setpoint and actual temperature lines.
  3. To set up or adjust your electricity rate, tap the gear icon within the Energy Chart. From here you will be able to select the energy rate and the voltage of your heater. Simply input your kW/hour rate and voltage, and your Mysa app will then begin to automatically calculate this based on the power Mysa passes to the heater.


Energy Charting Pro Tip

Remember — Energy Charting shows you your daily, weekly, and monthly power usage via a specific thermostat. It's important that you add an electricity rate (see Step Three above!), to access all the benefits of this super powerful energy-saving feature! 

And That's a Wrap!

There you have it! Our Top Five Ways to Get the Most Energy Savings out of your Mysa, according to the feedback we receive from our awesome Mysa family of customers. We take every review, comment, question, and suggestion seriously because your input helps us work on continually improving your experience with our energy-saving products!

Do you have a favourite Mysa app feature — or a go-to combo of features — that has helped you grow your home energy savings comfortably and conveniently? We'd love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below to share your good news about how you get the most out of your Mysa(s).

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