Case Study: How Much Money Do You Save With Mysa?


UPDATE: Alex saved even more in January 2019 – 54% total! Scroll to the bottom to check out the latest bills.

Mysa is designed with energy savings in mind. Our team of talented engineers made this a priority with the technical design of the Mysa Smart Thermostat.

Winter's here. We've been tracking energy usage and have been impressed with what we've seen so far – and so have our customers. So much so that one of them, Alex Ordanis from Toronto, reached out to us to share the difference he's seen on his bill.

The Details

Here's his bill from November 2017, before Mysa came into his life:

And from November 2018, with Mysas installed:

The truth is in the numbers: $186.13 without Mysa vs. $118.99 with Mysa. That's $67.14 saved in real Canadian dollars. 36% savings over the year before.

And it's not like it was warmer this year – in fact, Toronto was consistently colder in 2018 vs 2017. These charts show the general trend of the weather patterns, it was 15% colder the previous year:

Alex notes that last year he had dial mercury thermostats. He began using Mysa’s scheduling features to heat the room up before peak rates hit, and started wearing a sweater at home to save on energy. The little things add up.


By following energy saving tips and using your Mysas to their full advantage, you can expect to bring those electricity bills down and put more money in your own pocket while having a positive impact on the environment.

Update February 2019

Here we thought that 36% was mindblowing! We knew that Mysa was cuttin’ down on bills, but it keeps getting better and better. Alex’s electricity bill for January 2019 shows that he saved an astonishing 54% compared to January 2018. You read that right: 54%. That’s an enormous percentage and translates to over $186 in real, Canadian dollars going right back into Alex’s pocket.

That means that over two months, Alex’s savings are the equivalent of buying two Mysas. In short: Mysa has already paid for itself in less than a year.

Here’s the proof:

If you’re serious about saving, visit to meet your Mysa!

by LastSale
by LastSale