Jim saved $564 in his first Winter With Mysa. Here’s his story.


What does a winter With Mysa look like? Well, on your electricity bill, it looks like hundreds of dollars of savings!

For our friend Jim and his 5 Mysas, it was $564! Over the course of the 2021-2022 winter, Jim saved $564 in just 5 months compared to the exact same billing cycle just a year before.

That’s right - Jim ended up recouping 98% (!!!) of his original purchase in just one winter with Mysa.

Jim’s Story

We love to hear our customers’ savings stories. When Jim mentioned that he had saved more than he expected with Mysa, it took Twitter by storm! We followed up, and throughout the 2021-2022 winter, we kept in touch as Jim provided us with monthly bills for the whole heating season. Both Jim and his bills told a great story about energy efficiency, savings, personal responsibility, and trust in smart technology.

Jim’s story echoes what we hear from many Mysa customers every day: he wanted a way to save money on ever-increasing bills without costly and intrusive renovations. Fairly comfortable with technology, but by no means an expert. Last but not least, he was looking to create a greener, cleaner world for the next generation.

Jim started his savings journey by being more energy conscious in general, especially with his electric heat. Jim’s an empty nester living in a 35 year old home. With a regular schedule and attention to detail, he utilized a number of tips he found online as the heating season started to ramp up.

His Mysa journey began when he purchased five units in November 2021. After installing one in the first week of December, he quickly realized that having remote control over scheduling and heating wasn’t just a novelty - it was a critical tool in helping him manage his home’s heating and was the perfect complement to his already energy conscious habits. He got his first bill a couple of weeks later and the results on the page were staggering! 

Jim’s energy bill for December 2020 was $285.43. After installing his first Mysa, his December 2021 bill was just $126.88. 

With just one Mysa installed in the main room in his house, Jim’s energy bill went down by 38% – $108.55 in real dollars! –even though electricity prices actually increased from the year prior.

Jim also did what we encourage all of our Mysa customers to do - he took advantage of utility-sponsored rebates. Most utility companies offer significant rebates when you buy energy saving technology like Mysa. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the takeCHARGE program through NL Power offers an additional $10 off each Mysa Jim purchased, which was added as a credit on this first bill. 

2022 starts, and Jim Saves Even More

After realizing the success with just one Mysa, Jim installed the other four in the first week of January. He started using our Energy Usage feature so he could see how much energy his whole home was using, as well as see how much electricity each individual Mysa used to heat a room. With Mysa, this is super accurate! Because nearly all of the electric current that is sent to a heater is turned into heat, Mysa’s sensors know exactly how many kWhs it uses. 

By taking advantage of smart features like scheduling, remote control, eco-mode, and our accurate temperature sensors, alongside monitoring his energy use, Jim managed to realize the true value of Mysa to the tune of over a hundred dollars in savings.

A Full House of Mysas

Jim’s first bill with all 5 Mysas came in February, the coldest month of the year, and it ended up being his biggest month for savings! Let’s look at Jim’s bills.

Before Mysa (February 2021)

A screenshot of an electricity bill highlighting the year 2021, a total of $334.21 spent on the bill, and an energy rate of 12.203 cents/kWh.

After Mysa (February 2022)

A screenshot of an electricity bill highlighting the year 2022, a total of $210.58 spent on the bill, and an energy rate of 12.520 cents/kWh.

As his bill shows, Jim saved 38.8%, or $133.63, compared to February in the previous year. Thanks to Mysa, Jim was able to reduce his energy usage by 40.7% year over year, allowing him to save money even while electricity prices increased from 12.203 / kWh to 12.520 / kWh.

A comparison of energy use between 2021 and 2022. The top numbers show total kWh - February 2021 at 2287 kWh compared to February 2022 at 1357. The bottom numbers show the average kWh/Day. February 2021 reads 79, February 2022 reads 47.

Comfort without Compromise

For the rest of the winter, Jim kept on savin’. Once the heating season was over, Jim’s total savings were mind-boggling: in the five months he had Mysa installed, he saved 32% compared to the previous year and his energy use went down by 34.8% every single month. Chart time!

A graphic comparing the dollar amount spent during 2021 and 2022. The dollar amount is on the y-axis, and the year-over-year months comparison is on the x-axis. There is a text bubble on the side reading Total Savings: $562.98 YoY.

Jim paid $576 for 5 Mysas after rebates. He saved $563 on his bills compared to the previous year. That means that overall, Jim saved around 98% of his original Mysa purchase in just a few short months!

If you have electric heating, you know that winter can quickly become costly. In order to keep bills down, homeowners often sacrifice their comfort. But Jim’s story and bills are proof that investing in efficiency can pay off - literally. 

See how much you could save by making the switch to Mysa this winter: Calculate Energy Savings

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by LastSale
by LastSale