Stop Wasting Heat This Winter. Here's How.


Cutting down on heat wastage is a goal for almost every home that has to deal with a cold winter. Whether it's insulation, efficient heating methods, or just overall good energy practices there's a lot of things that can really help to drive down that pesky bill. It starts with not leaving the door open and ends with a ton of shivering, but in between all of that, there have to be some other commonsense pieces of advice.


Bundle Up

Blankets, sweaters, loved ones, pets. The more layers the better.



Seal Your Windows

No cold gets in, no heat gets out. Pretty simple.



New Insulation

Older house? Might be time to invest in modern, upgraded insulation.


Lower Your Thermostat

Think you need to be at 23 to be comfy? I bet 21 will feel the same – and save you energy.



Close Doors Behind You

You're not trying to heat the whole house! Heat where you are, or where you're going to be.

Mr. Golden Sun

Nature's heat source can be your home's heat source. While it's blasting through your windows, make sure your blinds are open.

Go Smart

Smart home technology like thermostats and heaters will help you get the most out of your home heating without wasting energy. Find out more at .

by LastSale
by LastSale