Mysa donates $40,000 to Habitat pour l’humanité Québec on Earth Day


With millions of homes with electric heating, Québec has been a leader in sustainable, renewable energy for decades - making it a model for the ongoing worldwide transition to a carbon-free future on which Mysa was founded. In honor of Earth Day, we’re thrilled to announce a donation of $40,000 worth of our energy-saving smart thermostats to Habitat pour l'humanité Québec.

The theme for Earth Day 2023 is “Invest in our Planet,” a foundational component of Mysa’s mission: to fight climate change through innovation. We’re helping lead the global transition to a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable future by putting future-forward, energy-saving technology into homes all across North America, including thousands of homes in Québec. Our smart thermostat donation will save an estimated 4,593.3 kWh per year, based on average household electricity consumption in the province.

Valued at over $40,000, our donation of 300 smart thermostats will be added to Magasins Habitat pour l’humanité Québec to help make energy-saving technology more accessible to homeowners in Québec.  All proceeds will support Habitat pour l'humanité Québec’s wider mission to “help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership”. By increasing access to innovative home energy management technology, we are helping homeowners keep their energy bills low in order to continue investing in their own future.

“Our team is incredibly proud to support Habitat pour l'humanité Québec this Earth Day,” said Mysa Co-Founder and COO, Zachary Green. “We share a mission to help empower homeowners to create a sustainable future in which they can thrive. Since the early days of Mysa, Québec has been a place where we’ve built thoughtful relationships with engaged customers and like-minded partners. We’re excited to keep growing those people-first relationships for our shared electric future.”

“Habitat for Humanity Québec, through this donation, is pleased to be able to continue its mission as a key player in affordable  housing and to contribute to helping moderate-income families become homeowners while participating in a more accessible, sustainable and responsible economy. In addition, through our Habitat for Humanity stores based on the principle of circular economy, we will offer the thermostats to our consumers who will in turn be able to participate in supporting our projects that help families who wish to access home ownership“ said Shirlane Day, Executive Director - Habitat for Humanity, Québec.

About Mysa

Based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mysa’s mission is to fight climate change by empowering homeowners to take control of their energy use with innovative technology. Mysa’s smart thermostats for electric heating and cooling HVAC systems are designed to help users manage their household energy spend, decarbonize our grid, and build a more sustainable future for our planet. Mysa has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners all across North America take smart control of their home’s heating and cooling without compromising on comfort and have announced a partnership with Hilo (Hydro-Québec) beginning in fall 2023.

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About Habitat for Humanity, Québec

Habitat for Humanity Québec is a non-profit organization  affiliated with  Habitat for Humanity Canada (HHC) that aims to provide adequate housing for everyone. The organization relies on the combined efforts of volunteers and partners to build homes that facilitate access to homeownership for moderate-income families in the province of Québec.

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