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Mysa Smart Thermostat
for Electric In-Floor Heating

  • For high voltage electric in-floor heating systems
  • Control from anywhere with FREE mobile app
  • Customize your heating schedule
  • Integrate with your smart home
  • Includes floor temperature sensor
  • View technical specifications
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1-Yr Energy Savings Guarantee
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2-Yr Warranty
1-Yr Energy Savings Guarantee
30-Day Risk-Free Return Policy
FREE Shipping On All Orders
2-Yr Warranty
Step up to ultimate comfort
Mysa works with most existing non-water-based, high voltage electric in-floor heating systems.
High voltage electric heat.
Mysa is compatible with most high voltage electric in-floor heating systems. Mysa does not work with water-based in-floor heating systems.
Compatible with all floor sensors.
If you have an electric floor heating system with a floor temperature sensor, Mysa can replace your current thermostat. Installing a new in-floor system? A floor sensor temperature is included with Mysa.
Maximum 3800 watts at 240V.
Mysa is rated for controlling electric heating systems up to 3,800 watts at 240V / 1900W max @ 120V. This info can usually be found on the heater itself.
Not compatible with low voltage systems.
Mysa is not compatible with any 12 - 24 V systems such as oil furnaces, natural gas furnaces or boilers.
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Mysa user instructing Google Home to increase the temperature of a Mysa unit Mysa user instructing Google Home to increase the temperature of a Mysa unit
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Convenience, comfort, peace of mind
Life’s too busy to worry about your home heating.
Control from anywhere
Adjust your thermostat settings on the go using Mysa’s 100% free mobile app.
Simplify your life
Automate your home heating with custom schedules that fit your daily routines.
Save smarter, not harder
Lower your electricity bill by heating your home only when needed.
Install in 15 minutes
Install Mysa easily in 15 minutes or less with in-app video guides and Support resources.
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What you get with Mysa
Mobile App
Adjust your home heating from anywhere on your Android or iOS device.
Smart Home Integration
Control Mysa through your favourite smart home platforms and home assistants.
Thermostat Control
Mysa displays the room temperature, and the touch buttons allow you to adjust it.
Custom Scheduling
Use the app to set a schedule for your thermostat in less than a minute.
Early On
Start heating at the perfect moment to keep you cozy and save energy.
Access Permissions
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in control of your preferred temperature setting.
Vacation Mode
Going on vacation? Mysa will save energy while you’re away.
Mysa uses your location to detect if anyone is home, so that you’re not paying to heat an empty house.
Energy Reports
Mysa generates in-depth energy reports so you can see how much you are spending - and saving.
Multiple Users
Share access to your account easily so others can control your Mysas through the Mysa app.
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Technical Specifications
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Will Mysa work with my existing in-floor system and floor sensor?
Mysa is designed to work with most existing sensors and floor installations and can be calibrated to work with your existing floor sensor, as long as the total wattage of your floor system is less than 3800 watts and your existing thermostat is a Class A GFCI.
What type of floor sensor comes with Mysa?
Mysa for Electric In-Floor comes equipped with a standard 10 kOhm floor sensor which is 3 m (15’) in length.
Can I install a Mysa myself?
The installation of a Mysa must comply with the applicable Local and/or National Electrical codes and utility requirements. This installation should be entrusted to duly qualified personnel where required by law.

If you would like to install your Mysa yourself, we offer an online guide as well as in-app step by step instructions, to assist you.

Installing this product involves handling high voltage wiring. It’s important to follow installation instructions carefully. Turn off your circuit breakers and follow the proper safety precautions before proceeding.

If you are unsure about handling electrical wiring, please consult a qualified electrician.
How many Mysas do I need?
Each Mysa is designed to work on its own — you can start with one thermostat and add more over time. To optimize your energy savings and comfort, we recommend starting with 3 thermostats in the rooms that matter most in your home.
How does Mysa help me save on my electricity bill?
Mysa Smart Thermostats are designed to help you reduce your monthly electricity costs by using home energy more efficiently (running your heaters as accurately and infrequently as possible).

The Mysa app’s smart features like Scheduling, Geofencing, and Eco-Mode help you optimize your comfort level while using less energy to heat your home.
Can I get utility rebates for Mysa?
Many utility companies offer rebates to help off-set the cost of purchasing energy efficient products like Mysa.

To find out if there’s a utility rebate offered in your area, check out our rebates page or contact your utility provider.
What kind of network connection does Mysa require?
Each Mysa Thermostat uses a tiny amount of data — approximately 0.5 MB — per day. While Mysa does not require any special routers and is designed to work with most household routers, it does require a unique 2.4ghz connection.

Please ensure that your router is able to operate a 2.4ghz network, and is not currently set to a merged network.
Can I manually change the temperature on Mysa?
Yes, you can control your preferred setpoint temperature from the thermostat’s faceplate. Adjusting the temperature manually will override your Schedule until the next set point change and will not interfere with any additional app settings.
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