How to Get Smart Ecobee or Nest Mini Split Control


Nest and Ecobee are two common smart thermostats for low voltage systems. They allow you to control your home's heating and central cooling from anywhere, plus they help you save. But, if you own a ductless mini split heat pump, you may have wondered how to get smart Ecobee or Nest mini split control.

While it's possible to connect your mini split to Nest or Ecobee, there are other smart options. So, before investing in smart mini split control, let us help you find what works best for you!

Smart Mini Split Control

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Ductless mini split heat pumps are efficient. In fact, they're about 20-30% more efficient than central ducted systems. However, the best mini split heat pump is one that's controlled by a smart thermostat.

If you've never thought much about your mini split thermostat, now's the time. The key to saving with a smart mini split thermostat is using app features to run your mini split as little as possible, while still keeping every room perfectly comfortable.

If you're a fan of Ecobee or Nest, you've probably wondered how to connect Nest/Ecobee to your mini split.

Can Ecobee or Nest Control Your Mini Split?

Google Nest Smart Thermostat

Yes, it is possible to use Nest or Ecobee to control your ductless mini split. However, it's not a simple DIY solution. Setting up Ecobee or Google Nest mini split control will require a professional, and you may also lose some functionality.

How to Install Ecobee or Nest With Mini Split Heat Pumps?

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To get Ecobee or Nest mini split control, you'll need a mini split thermostat adapter. This is a small device that can connect Nest or Ecobee to your mini split. Generally, mini split adapters are brand specific. So, if you have a Fujitsu mini split, you will need a Fujitsu adapter.

Thermostat adapters have to be wired into your mini split, as well as your Nest or Ecobee thermostat. So, installation can be difficult and a professional HVAC technician will be needed.

Since Nest mini split adapters are wired directly to your unit, it can provide consistent control. However, you do lose some functionality. With this set-up, you likely won't be able to control all of your mini split's modes and settings like fan speed and swing control.

So, Ecobee or Nest mini split heat pump control is possible. But, it's not the only way to get smart air conditioning control. You can also increase the efficiency of your mini split by installing a smart thermostat for air conditioners.

Consider a Smart Thermostat for Air Conditioners

Mysa Smart Thermostat for Air Conditioners on side table

Another way to get smart mini split control is by ‘installing' a smart thermostat for air conditioners. (Also known as a smart AC controller). Some homeowners may even find this to be a better solution than controlling your mini split system with Nest or Ecobee.

Smart AC thermostats are WiFi-enabled controllers used to remotely run your mini split's heating and cooling. These devices also work with portable and window air conditioners, giving you smart AC control.

A major plus of smart AC controllers is that they've been designed specifically for mini splits. No extra hardware is needed, and ‘installing' one is an easy DIY project. In about 5 minutes, you can have full control of your mini split and all of its settings.

How to ‘Install' a Smart AC Thermostat With Mini Split Heat Pumps?

‘Installing' a smart AC controller is easy. You just plug it in close to your mini split.

From there, you connect the device to WiFi and start pairing. ‘Pairing' means connecting your thermostat to your mini split using WiFi. This is how you get mini split control from your phone and access to all the smart app features.

To pair, you start by choosing the type of AC unit you have (ie. mini split), and enter your mini split's brand. Next, turn your current mini split remote on and off while pointing it towards your smart AC thermostat. This helps match the infrared (IR) commands from your remote to the smart thermostat's database. After finding a match, the smart thermostat downloads all of the commands for your existing remote to give you full control.

It's a quick and easy home project! Once you finish pairing, make sure to set schedules, geofencing, and take advantage of all other smart app features!

Comparing Ecobee/Nest Mini Split Control vs. Smart AC Thermostat Control

Before investing in smart mini split control it's important to consider the best option for your home. To compare Ecobee or Nest mini split control with getting a smart AC thermostat, consider three things: Installation, connectivity/control, and AC settings.

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1. Installation

The installation process of connecting your mini split to Nest or Ecobee can be complex. In addition to your Nest or Ecobee smart thermostat, you will also need a thermostat adapter and this should be installed by a professional HVAC technician.

Installing a smart thermostat for air conditioners is an easy DIY project that takes about 5 minutes. Simply plug in the thermostat and pair it to your mini split using your home's WiFi!

2. Connectivity & Control

Since a thermostat adapter is directly wired to your mini split and Nest or Ecobee, there is a stable connection between both. But, WiFi is still needed to control your mini split remotely using your phone. Otherwise you can control your mini split manually on your Google Nest or Ecobee.

A smart AC thermostat uses WiFi and IR signals to connect to and control your mini split. Since all IR codes are downloaded when pairing, you can control your mini split with your smart thermostat without WiFi connection. Just make sure that the device is plugged in and has a direct line of sight to your mini split (ie. there are no walls in the way). But, of course, WiFi is still needed to control your mini split remotely with the smartphone app.

3. AC Settings & Functionality

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Installing a thermostat adapter to get Ecobee or Nest mini split control is a bit of a work around. So, you do lose some functionality. You'll be able to control your mini split remotely and set schedules. But, you won't be able to control all of your AC unit's settings like dry mode and fan only mode.

A smart AC controller was specifically designed for mini splits. It can control both heating and cooling, runs all mini split settings, and comes with a ton of smart app features. Also, products like Mysa's Smart Thermostat for Air Conditioners work in the same app as Mysa thermostats for electric baseboard and in-floor heating. So, if you have multiple heating and cooling sources, you can control them all in the same place!

Get Smart and Save

Upgrading to smart mini split control is a great move to help you increase efficiency and save on your electricity bill. But, while it's possible to get Ecobee or Nest mini split control, a smart AC controller may be a better solution.

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