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Mini-splits are an awesome, energy efficient way to regulate your home’s climate. Whether it’s finding the perfect chill out zone during the sweltering summer or staying cozy during winter’s cold snaps, they help you stay comfortable all year round while keeping your electricity bill in check.

But, they’re not perfect.

How Mini-Splits Work

Mini-splits usually read the temperature of the room using a built-in temperature sensor.  This means that the mini-split will heat or cool until the temperature in the immediate vicinity of the mini-split itself matches the temperature you set using its remote. 

The problem is, there are a ton of factors that can impact how warm or cool it is around the mini-split – room layout, ceiling height, window placement, and even whether or not it’s installed on an interior or exterior wall. Unless you’re hanging out right next to your mini-split, there’s likely a gap between the temperature it senses and the temperature you experience. A difference of a few degrees can make a big impact on how comfortable you feel in your home, and if your mini-split is working extra hard to keep you cozy, you’ll notice it on your monthly utility bill, too. 

Make Your Mini-Split More Efficient With Climate+

When you enable Climate+ for your Mysa for AC and Mini-Split in the Mysa app, your Mysa thermostat will work in the background to check if your mini-split’s set temperature matches the temperature in the rest of the room. If it doesn’t, Mysa will automatically send signals to your mini-split to continue heating or cooling until the temperature your Mysa senses matches your desired temperature. Thanks to Climate+, achieving the ultimate cozy vibes is pretty effortless. 

Climate+ pays off on your utility bill too by ensuring you’re not wasting energy over-heating or over-cooling to get your home to a comfortable temperature.

Before Climate+:

After Climate+:

Can your confusing remote do all that? We doubt it!

Using Climate+ alongside your Mysa’s full slate of smart home features – like remote control, usage insights, intuitive scheduling and more – helps make an already efficient heating and cooling system even better.  

Learn more about how Mysa makes your mini-split heat pump more efficient.

by LastSale
by LastSale